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so New Orleans is a wild place that has
interesting things for everyone. tons of
history, sites to see, things to do,
culture, art, jazz, nature, hot sauce,
balconies, haunted places, epic food and
of course Bourbon Street. if I were to
ever have a bachelor party that would
definitely be the place I would have it.
but I guess I would need to find a wife
first. (sighs)
it's mid-may we just got back from a
four night stay there I went there for
my friend's birthday it was epic. here's
the list of things we did in some travel
tips. I flew there using Southwest
Airlines. we took an Uber from the
airport to our Airbnb it was about a 25
minute drive and we were staying on the
north end of Frenchmen Street. by the way
I just found out a few minutes ago that
many locals don't like what Airbnb is
doing to their neighborhood, something to
keep in mind. we were there with a group
of eight so we booked a four bedroom
Airbnb. I found it a little weird that
you actually need a key to get out of
the house. if you flush your keys down the
toilet you're basically stuck inside. I
mean that's something that everyone does
right? once in a while? oh yeah, all the time. flushing
your keys down the toilet it's a common
this whole strip of Frenchmen Street is
full of bars and each one has some great
live music so just walk down the strip
and you'll find somewhere that you'll
want to go into. we explored French
Quarter and it was all very walkable
with plenty of interesting things to see
on every block. after lunch we headed to
Louie Armstrong Park and there was a
jazz and the park festival going on that
day. there's different things going on
all the time so check the calendar to
see what's happening on your dates. it is
super festive I can't think of any other
city with this kind of energy. for dinner
we went to the Cellar Door which
actually used to be a brothel back in
the day but now it is a place to enjoy
good food and drinks. then we met up with
a local who took us to a favorite bar. I
was told that the locals don't actually
go to Bourbon Street so go check out the
outskirts if you're going for the local
experience. Day two started with beignets
and coffee at the iconic Cafe Du Monde.
be prepared for a line and generally an
umbrella should be on your packing list.
it can become like this is this in like
To this in like 30 minutes. you'll be doing this a lot so
it's not a bad idea to practice this.
You know that's bad luck, right? Oh #$^%
If you're a big fan of hot sauce like we are you will not be
disappointed with the selection that
these places have. in Jackson Square
there's plenty of artists, street vendors
and street performers that are creative
and impressive. but if they ask you to
volunteer for something that seems maybe
a little bit dangerous you might want to
give it a second thought.
I broke my back. what do you mean by that?
my back is broken.
that night we did the haunted history
walking tours which is awesome. if you
believe in ghosts and spirits it's a
must do. i personally don't believe any
of that but there are plenty of factual
history and stories to keep me super
creeped out. for example the Lalarie
Mansion don't look it up the table weak
stomach. halfway through the tour there's
a pit stop at one of the oldest bars in
town. people say it's haunted and it was
built in the early 1700s. day three was a
swamp tour which is probably what I was
most excited about. they have a bus
pick-up option but if you have your own
mode of transportation that can save you
a couple dollars. so when we got there we
hopped onto a boat, saw some alligators
more alligators and oh yeah and some
more alligators. and I was actually super
happy about that because I have been
wanting to make an alligator friend for
a very long time there. were also some
pigs living in there which I loved
they're the most adorable creatures in
the world and randomly some raccoons
living in there - also known as \"trash
pandas\". they are also insanely adorable.
if you've never done a swamp tour I
definitely suggest putting that on the
list. for lunch we went to Gene's
po'boy which is a really good po'boy
place that opened 24 hours a day. their
food is absolutely amazing and it has
nothing to do with the fact that my name
is Gene ok? ok so maybe I did force
everyone to go because of that fact, that
doesn't change the fact that they're
delicious. go there! tell them gene sent
you! to take advantage of the good
weather we brought it back to the Airbnb
and ate it on the patio.
so that was Bourbon Street. you can start
off at one end of Bourbon Street and
make your way all the way down you will
not run out of places to see. one of my
favorites is Pat O'Brien's which has
multiple rooms, it has a fire pit, dueling
pianos. there's also the old absinthe
house if you want to give that a shot. by
the way it's a very common misconception
that absence makes you hallucinate. it is
however a very high in alcohol
concentration. I did find absence to be
kind of expensive, but hey how often do
you get to try it? there's the Carousel
bar that actually spins around while you
drink. and if you're a fan of the show
Bar Rescue there's Spirits on Bourbon
and they're imfamous Shot Chair. I
spent quite a bit of time in Hollywood,
Las Vegas, Miami and I can easily say
Bourbon Street in New Orleans is one of
the craziest places I've ever been.
another tip if you're on Bourbon Street
for your birthday they say pin $1.00 to
your shirt and other people will add to
it. Oh dude...
I'm missing a button. has this button been
missing the whole time? dude my shirt's
been undone the whole time should have
changed my shirt? dude no one gives a #$^#.
next day we went to a couple
different museums. the first one had lots
of history, art and some super
interesting things. and the second museum
we went to right next door was also
super interesting. It felt very modern on the
first floor it was all about Katrina and
the second floor was all about Mardi
Gras. then we got to the aquarium just
45 minutes before closing. it was one of
the biggest aquariums I've ever seen but
luckily that was just enough time to see
everything. you can touch stingrays there
which is oddly scary for some reason. I
mean I've scuba dived with sharks before
and I would say this was scarier for
some reason. and this girl is just straight
savage. pretty sure she should join the
that night was Preservation Hall which
is a must do if you are a big fan of
jazz. definitely get a reservation ahead
of time because the room itself is small
and there is a huge line that builds
very quickly. once you're inside they ask
you to turn off your phones not take any
pictures so I didn't get to get any
footage, but it was amazing just sitting
there and just doing nothing but
enjoying the music for 45 minutes.
there's also no food, drinks or bathrooms
inside so keep that in mind, although you
can bring your own drinks from the
outside if you want. I couldn't think of
a better way to wrap up our trip. there
were a few things that we were hoping to
do but we didn't get time to. for example
there's an escape room there I've never
done an escape room but I hear they're
actually a lot cooler than they sound.
and last year when we went we did a
Steamboat dinner you hop on an
old-school steamboat right down the
Mississippi River while listening to
jazz music they also prepare dinner for
you it's as awesome as it sounds. as for
transportation aside from the bus we
took to the swamp
everything else was Uber/ Lyft
and walking. if you don't know what Uber
or Lyft is it's basically a taxi but
much cheaper and from this century. If you
sign up with either one of my promo
codes here then I believe you get your
first ride free and I will also get a
ride free so, thank you. when it comes to
eating they're all the places are really
good, you should try alligator gumbo,
oysters. Acme Oyster House is a very
popular spot but a local told us that
there's plenty of other options that
serve just as good oysters. Acne
Oyster House can get pretty packed
so just know you have other options. also
thanks for watching these videos guys I
just woke up this morning to a thousand
subscribers and
it's kind of crazy to know that people
actually watch this stuff. see you guys on the next one.
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20 Folder Collection
Linda Chung published on November 12, 2018
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