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Hello from Houston,
the largest city in Texas
We're going to spend 4 days in town
Despite not being much
you can already visit
the most famous attractions
and the most appropriate ones for winter
Today the weather is awesome!
80 degrees F (26 C) great to be here
in a park enjoying nature
But tomorrow the forecast
is for temperatures below freezing
Just like that, in a matter of hours
So today is the day to be outdoors
This place is great during the day
but in the evening there are
some pretty cool attractions as well
at this time of the year
Yeah guys! Who would have guessed?
Ice skating outdoors in Texas!
Everybody laid down on the ground
From Discovery Green we came here
to the Historic District,
which is very close, just 5 minutes driving
And look at this architecture!
A lot of buildings from the 19th century
And today there are lots of pubs,
cafes, and really nice restaurants
For tonight I chose a bar
that is different
from anything I've ever seen in my life
Okra Charity Saloon
They donate 100% of the proceeds
to charities
This is how it works:
for every drink that you purchase
you get to vote
And then you get a ticket like this
You choose among the competing charities
And in the end of the month,
the one that wins
receives the entire proceeds for the next month
It's for a good cause!
"There you go! Thanks so much! Have a good one!"
"You too"
Today it's football Sunday
and it's match day!
The local team is the Houston Texans
And look at how cold it is!
I love coming to stadiums, arenas,... for any sport
It's always a great atmosphere,
it's a great experience, it's very worth it
"And the home of the brave"
"Houston Texans!"
"Keep it strong, baby! Keep it strong"
Wow! What a turnaround!
I brought them luck!
That's a good way to come to the match!
Here in Houston we're staying at an area
that I really like
It's called Uptown
This place is more well known
because of the Galleria,
which is the largest mall in Texas
and also really high-end
Here there are also some
really nice bars and restaurants
And this is how we're enjoying the evening
But first I wanted to visit
one of the most famous landmarks
here in Houston
and also probably the most photographed one as well
It's the Water Wall, right there
It's actually a gigantic 64-foot fountain
Tomorrow we're going to experience
a very different side of Houston
Are you enjoying the trip so far?
Then subscribe to my channel!
There's much more there
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Things to do in Houston, Texas 2017

431 Folder Collection
Linda Chung published on November 12, 2018
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