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  • So our first video from Macau. We finally made it here and we are starting off in Senado

  • Square. We're going to be exploring the area on foot and taking you along.

  • Because this was a former Portuguese settlement all of the signs are in Portuguese and in

  • Chinese.

  • One of the first things I noticed about Macau are the very Portuguese tiles that they have

  • and these black and white mosaic tiles can be found in Brazil and also in Portugal, so

  • let's look at them.

  • We're now here at the most distinct landmark in all of Macau - it is the Saint Paul ruins.

  • Here I am taking refuge in the shade. I'm melting like a Popsicle. I can't believe people

  • are actually jogging in this weather. Insanity!

  • Right now we're just walking up Fortaleza do Monte which is a fortress on top of a hill

  • overlooking the city. And it is super hot and it is super steep and we're sweating.

  • Here we're taking aim at one of the biggest casinos. Here we've got our canon and a ball

  • inside ready to blast. Which one are we blasting? That is the Grand Lisboa.

  • The long climb up here was definitely worth it. Now we get some great views of the casinos

  • and apartments below.

  • Well, I've been to Macau one time before but this is your first time, so first impressions.

  • First impressions, it reminds me a little bit of Las Vegas of course because of all

  • of the casinos but it also has a bit of a Brazilian and a Portuguese flavor. It reminds

  • me a lot of my visits to Rio and the food is great so I'm liking it so far.

  • It is so ridiculously hot and humid outside. We've been literally subsisting off of these

  • pearl milk teas. Another one, what do you mean? Another one.

  • Refreshing.

  • Today we're on a quest for Macanese food. We love to eat and we're always excited to

  • try new things. Background music playing.

  • So this little treat over here is called and it is a popular Portuguese pastry made with

  • eggs. And I'm going to have my first bite. It's kind of Macanese food egg tart. Chinese

  • and Portuguese inspired. How is it? It's nice and sweet and the egg is really fluffy. Almost

  • like a souffle. What do got there? A piece of meat. Is it

  • good? It's like bacon. So time for our second treat of the day. And

  • we found a quiet little back alley away from some of the busy main pedestrian areas. And

  • we've got some almond cakes here. These are also a Macanese specialty. Oh yeah, those

  • are real good. They remind me of Christmas shortbread cookies that you have for the winter

  • holidays. That sounds tasty. Melt in the mouth. Let's look at those again. Yum.

  • Background music playing. So we're here at a local eatery just down

  • a backstreet in Macau and we're here to try a pork chop bun and we've also been given

  • a black soy milk drink, so we'll see what that is all about.

  • Okay, first I'm trying soy milk in my whole life. Mmmm is it sweet? This is sweet, yeah.

  • Does it have a kind of a rich flavor? I don't know. You try it.

  • Yeah, it definitely tastes like sweetened soy milk. A little bit similar to almond milk

  • as well. I can also taste the black bean a little bit

  • too. Background music playing.

  • Time to try this famous pork chop bun here in Macau.

  • Mmmmmm. That's really nice. Is it? It's a

  • soft warm bun fresh out of the oven. I think it may have some butter. And the pork is just

  • so flavorful. Save some for me. No. So it's starting to get really hot outside

  • so we treated ourselves to a nice little pearl tea. Um, I think the origins of this are actually

  • Taiwanese but it's really popular here in Macau, so we're adding it to the video.

  • Background music playing.

  • Background music playing. We got so bored staying in China that we decided

  • to change things up. Now we're in Venice, Italy.

  • Actually we just crossed the street from our hotel in Macau and now we're visiting the

  • Venetian. So we're still in China. Background music playing.

  • So even if you're not a huge gambler there is still plenty to do in Cotai Central here

  • in Macau. There are so many hotels that you can visit and every hotel usually has a unique

  • show that they put on. Here at the Venetian you can ride the Gondola and just feel like

  • you're in Italy for an afternoon. Then the hotel we were staying at was having some kind

  • of Shrek parade which you missed out on. I did miss it but Sam loved it. Oh wow, yes!

  • There is just lots of shows and different performances that you can attend in the evenings.

  • So plenty to do aside from gambling. Coming early in the morning was a really good

  • idea. We basically almost have this whole place to ourselves.

  • background music playing. Well, Macau is a

  • place where dreams come true. You make a little wish and throw your coin into the water. Being

  • the high roller that I am. I've got a Macau ten cent piece here. Which I'm going to throw.

  • Missed it. You missed it? Nice. And of course 1 baht. what?

  • Great camera work on the coin toss. I got the splash at the end. The after splash.

  • Background music playing.

  • Background music playing. So we just got on the ferry. We are traveling

  • from Macau to Hong Kong. We had tickets with Turbo Jet and the cool thing is that if you

  • show up early you can on standby and if there is room on the ferry you just hop on board.

  • Yeah, and we got on and we are taking the hydrofoil. This is going to be a fast high

  • speed ride that should only take forty five minutes to an hour.

  • Background music playing. This Turbo Jet is a high performance gazelle.

  • I'm not having fun. High performance gazelle. We're bouncing up and down.

  • Background music playing. And why are you filling in my Immigration

  • card? Because Sam can't really write. It looks like chicken scratch. Hahaha! This is the

  • truth. It's a true story. Background music playing.

  • The seas are really choppy today so we're treating my seasickness with a cup of noodle

  • soup. It seems to be a cure all for every problem we have. Food!

  • background music playing.

So our first video from Macau. We finally made it here and we are starting off in Senado

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