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  • Hi Bob the Canadian here.

  • There will be times when you are having an English conversation when you will need to disagree with somebody.

  • But you will want to do it in a way where you still show respect for the other person, even if you don't agree with their point of view.

  • So you'll want to do a few things to make the conversation be more like a discussion and less like an argument.

  • First of all, relax.

  • Calm down.

  • Be reasonable in your approach.

  • Getting upset and raising your voice never helps with a conversation.

  • If you can, find a spot where the two of you can sit down.

  • Sitting down is a less aggressive approach to having a conversation with someone.

  • Take your time.

  • Make sure you listen to their point of view.

  • And don't interrupt them when they are talking.

  • Here are a few things that you can say during this conversation that are extremely polite but still allow you to express your point of view.

  • You could say.

  • I see Dave, but in my opinion we shouldn't have to pay for water.

  • It should be free.

  • Or, you could say.

  • I understand where you are coming from Dave, but I think dogs in the park should always be on a leash.

  • You could also say.

  • Dave, I see your point of view, but I think it would be better if we spent the money on new clothing.

  • And if you're looking for a few other options, you could also say things like...

  • Hmmm.

  • That's interesting, but the way I see it, it would be better if we went to the mall before we went out to eat.

  • And finally you could also say: Dave, I'm not sure I agree with that.

  • I think we would be better off buying a new car instead of driving the old car for another year.

  • There are also a few things that you shouldn't say when you are having a discussion with someone.

  • You shouldn't outright say...

  • You are wrong!

  • This is very impolite in English.

  • You should never say to someone outright...

  • I disagree with you!

  • This is also somewhat impolite in English.

  • And you should certainly never say...

  • Only an idiot would say that!

  • Because that is an outright insult.

  • Bob the Canadian here.

  • That's a few ways that you can have a disagreement with someone in English and have a resolution at the end of a discussion instead of having an argument.

  • Bob the Canadian here.

  • Learn English with Bob the Canadian.

  • Have a great day.

Hi Bob the Canadian here.

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Part 3: Learn How to Disagree Politely in English | Video with Subtitles

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