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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite,
"My Drunk Story" tweets from you guys, here we go.
This first one is from @ellenmlauri. She says, "One night I got so drunk at the bar that I stole a girl's birthday crown off her head,
went to another bar, and made everyone there buy me birthday drinks."
[ Laughter ]
It's my special day.
My birthday.
This one's from @ahskidmore. He says, "One morning my roommate found me passed out on the kitchen floor.
The microwave door was open, and I was clutching three raw hot dogs in my hand."
[ Laughter ]
-You almost got there, dude. -Yeah almost, man.
-He almost made it. -Yeah.
That's the old college try.
[ Laughs ] This one's from @Jordan White 4. She says, "My drunk friends and I ordered an Uber once and the driver texted me,
'I'm here for you.' I texted back, 'OMG that's so sweet.'"
[ Laughter ]
You're my best friend.
I am my best friend.
This one's from @buntybaggins.
Oh. [ Laughter ]
She says, "Once I was so drunk I thought it'd be a brilliant idea to slide across the dance floor on my knees.
The floor was rubber, so I came to an immediate stop, skinned my knees, and split my dress."
There you go! [ Laughter ]
-The trifecta. -Bunty!
-How embarrassing was that? -Hee-haw
-Wow. -Hold it, Bunty.
This one's from @FoggyDew1310.
He says, "I once came home at 4 a.m. and showed my ID to my dad at the front door of the house
thinking it was another bar."
[ Laughter ]
[ Laughs ] He was up waiting for him.
He didn't even get in that.
He didn't even get into his own house.
This one's from @maddie_shea524. She says, "This was my search history after a night at the bar."
It says max pizza sticks and how to undrunk yourself.
[ Laughter ]
That's fantastic.
Pizza sticks? Never heard of that.
This one's from @GreenApple2. He says, "My friend once let me drunkenly crash on his couch. I woke up on the floor
of his living room with his 8-year-old son lining up action figures around my body saying. 'Don't wake the giant!'"
[ Laughter ]
Hey, man.
This one is from, uh, @debAURAhhh. She says, "I once drunkenly turned myself in to the lost and found at a baseball game after I went
to the restroom during the 7th inning stretch and couldn't remember where my seat was."
[ Laughter ]
Hi, I-I'm missing. I think I'm missing.
Uh, this one is from @thePolishista or thepolishista?
Polishista, like maybe she's into nail polish?
Polishing? Like Pledge furniture polish?
Oh, yeah, man.
Yeah thepolishista. Or Polish.
She loves Poland.
[ Light laughter ] Uh, she says, "I once got so drunk that I began crying when I realized
my parakeet had to live his life without hands." [ Laughter ]
What?! That's too much.
You've had too much.
You've had too much to drink, I'm sorry.
This one's from @mc 125. She says, "My friend got so drunk one night he went to the tattoo shop
across the street and got the name 'Brad' tattooed under his arm so he'd have a Brad Pitt tattoo." [ Laughter ]
And that's it. That's it.
-Wow. -Brad Pitt.
Got a Brad Pitt tattoo.
-Absolutley I think. -No.
This last one's from @boss hogg57. He says, "I went out with $20. I woke up with $250, a lighter, two phones, and the keys to someone else's car."
[ Laughter ]
That's a win right there.
And there you have it, those are tonight's show hashtags.
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Hashtags: #MyDrunkStory

2017 Folder Collection
Priscilla published on November 23, 2018    Priscilla translated    Evangeline reviewed
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