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  • - [Narrator] This is no ordinary rabbit.

  • This is the New England cottontail-

  • a species that's been pushed to the limits of its survival.

  • (gentle piano music)

  • Nearly identical to its much more common cousin,

  • the Eastern cottontail,

  • the elusive New England cottontail is found

  • only in a few isolated pockets of its former habitat

  • that once ran from Maine to New York City.

  • These rabbits have acute eyesight and hearing.

  • When they sense danger, they will typically freeze in place,

  • relying on their gray-brown fur to camouflage them.

  • But when they need to run,

  • their powerful hunches allow them to reach top speeds

  • of 18 miles per hour.

  • But, unfortunately, their speed can't save them

  • from invasive species and a loss of habitat.

  • The New England cottontail's very existence

  • now hangs in the balance.

  • This is a New England cottontail rabbit.

  • (playful music)

- [Narrator] This is no ordinary rabbit.

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This Adorable Bunny Needs Our Help

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    Samuel posted on 2018/11/09
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