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- [Narrator] This is no ordinary rabbit.
This is the New England cottontail-
a species that's been pushed to the limits of its survival.
(gentle piano music)
Nearly identical to its much more common cousin,
the Eastern cottontail,
the elusive New England cottontail is found
only in a few isolated pockets of its former habitat
that once ran from Maine to New York City.
These rabbits have acute eyesight and hearing.
When they sense danger, they will typically freeze in place,
relying on their gray-brown fur to camouflage them.
But when they need to run,
their powerful hunches allow them to reach top speeds
of 18 miles per hour.
But, unfortunately, their speed can't save them
from invasive species and a loss of habitat.
The New England cottontail's very existence
now hangs in the balance.
This is a New England cottontail rabbit.
(playful music)
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This Adorable Bunny Needs Our Help

259 Folder Collection
Samuel published on November 8, 2018
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