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  • Have you ever tried to develop

  • an early morning routine

  • waking up before 6AM everyday

  • For much of my life this was the one habit that I couldn't get to stick

  • But recently in the past year

  • I figured it out

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  • I actually made a video this week that's

  • kinda hard to explain so I...

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  • It was crazy, it was like one of those things that ain't really be there to believe but

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  • When I started waking up early, I found out that I can

  • get more done by 11AM that I normally get an entire day

  • I got more done, I was less stressed

  • and by 5PM, I could

  • either relax or spend time with the people I care about

  • Now, if you are somebody who's following a nine to five round than

  • you make the ... use mornings to

  • focus on your passions. To start writing or

  • build that business from the ground up

  • There's a lot that you can do in the morning

  • But it really starts with figuring out

  • how the hell to wake up early. This is

  • the thing that I found helped me rise before 6AM

  • In order to commit to this new change, you need to understand

  • why you wanna make the change

  • in the first place. When you focus on the benefits that you receive,

  • it's gonna be much easier to make this habit stick

  • It all starts with the night before. I used to get so frustrated

  • because the night before, I would be motivated

  • I would be inspired

  • I would be looking forward to waking up early next day

  • and changing my life

  • But then, what happens

  • I wake up in the morning 7AM, 6AM

  • and I'm tired as shit

  • I hit that snooze button, I hit it over and over again

  • and I don't wake up early

  • What happened

  • I didn't put together a plan for my next day

  • I was motivated to wake up early

  • But I didn't have that "Why?" clarified

  • I need to figure out To-do list that gave me step 1, 2 and three

  • And I'm not talking about brushing your teeth or showering

  • I'm talking about "Why am I waking up early?"

  • Is it because I wanna write a book

  • OK, great. Then, step 1: write 500 words, write 100 words,

  • make it simple and easy as possible for you

  • But know exactly what you wanna write

  • And figuring out that "Why?" is gonna

  • help to motivate you in the morning

  • not just the night before. So before I

  • go to bed

Have you ever tried to develop

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How to Wake up Before 6am Every Day

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    Samuel posted on 2018/11/09
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