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- [Speaker] Before we begin,
I thought you might be thirsty, so,
- Oh no, mamma.
What the?
(upbeat music)
(dramatic music)
- [Speaker] How hungry are you?
- I'm so hungry.
(dramatic music)
- [Speaker] Open!
- Mini pancakes.
- [Speaker] Open.
- This is tiny.
A snail could have this.
- [Speaker] So if you'd
like you can put some butter

and syrup on your pancakes.
- [Child] Okay, if you say so, ah.
- Oh man, oh man, oh man, um, um.
- It's so tiny, I have to do that.
- I'm ready for lunch..
I'm ready for nothing.
- [Speaker] What do you mean?
This is not nothing.
This is a beautiful, tiny, breakfast.
What do you see?
- That's a miniature pizza.
- What the?
- Okay this is,
- Mmm, want some of mine?
- This is weird.
I didn't even try mine.
- Okay.
- Who wants pizza?
- [Speaker] I want some pizza.
I want some pizza.
- [Male Speaker] Can I try it?
- Just try it.
- [Male Speaker] Food fight.
- [Speaker] Tiny food fight.
- I'm gonna eat three
pieces at the same time.

- [Speaker] Whoa.
- Killed it.
- Oh man.
- I don't know how to
use Chinese chopsticks.

- [Speaker] Those are Japanese chopsticks.
How about that?
- Japanese.
- [Speaker] Those are
toothpicks, actually.

- This is so hard to eat.
- Where's the fork?
- [Speaker] You lost the fork?
- That was delicious.
- [Speaker] If you're interested,
the chef is going,
- Don't tell me.
To be a fairy?
- [Speaker] The chef might be a fairy.
But at the end of the show we'll bring him
or her out here.
- Yeah!
Melina, if it's Tinkerbell
making all these foods

I'll get to see her when she's small.
- [Child] It's tiny still.
- [Speaker] What is it?
- Tiny uh,
- Cake, pie?
- [Child] What is this?
- [Speaker] A teeny-tiny cinnamon roll.
- [Child] Strawberries with it.
- [Speaker] Yes.
- I knew it was roasting marshmallow.
Where's the fire?
This is hard.
That was good.
- [Speaker] So Ernie before
you eat the second one

can you put the icing on?
- No.
- [Speaker] Can I have, like,
two more cinnamon rolls?

He ate them so quickly.
I brought you some extra.
Just pick two.
- Next.
- [Speaker] Next?
That's dessert, that's it.
- Ah!
- [Speaker] Alright, you
get to meet the chef.

- Yeah!
- [Speaker] Open your eyes.
The chef is there.
- [Chef] Great to meet you.
- Oh, hello.
- [Chef] Hello.
Did you enjoy the food?
- Yes.
- [Chef] Great to meet you Claire.
- That is not the chef.
It's a mouse.
- [Chef] I'm not a mouse I'm a hamster.
My name's Hamlet.
- [Speaker] Okay, any
questions for the chef?

- Why is he so soft?
- [Chef] I use lots of conditioner.
- [Speaker] Here are some of the tools
that your teeny-tiny chef was using today.
- [Chef] It tastes delicious.
I carry them with my mouth.
- Wait a minute.
You use tiny tools?
- [Chef] Of course.
How do you think I cook my pellets?
- Bye Mr. Chef.
- [Speaker] Bye Sophie.
- Thank you for watching,
"Kids Try Tiny Food."

- Cheers.
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Kids Try Tiny Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

2102 Folder Collection
Jessieeee published on November 7, 2018
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