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  • Hi, Sian here for BBC Learning English.

  • And today, we're going to look at these two little words.

  • So 'been' and 'gone' are both past participles, both used with the present perfect, but they don't have the same meaning.

  • We use 'been' to talk about complete visits.

  • So, 'she has been to Paris' means that she visited Paris at some point in the past and now she's back in the UK.

  • Careful with pronunciation.

  • When we say 'been' in a sentence, it becomes /bɪn/.

  • She's been to Paris.

  • But, 'she's gone to Paris' means she travelled to Paris and she's still in Paris now.

  • She's on holiday. She's gone to Paris.

  • Easy, right?

  • Beenyou go somewhere and return.

  • Goneyou go somewhere but don't return.

Hi, Sian here for BBC Learning English.

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Been vs Gone: English In A Minute

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