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Hey everyone!
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I am turning 28 and I don't know how to celebrate my birthday. I never really knew how to celebrate
My birthdays growing up and I feel like I kind of stopped being excited about them soon after entering my 20s
Honestly though, a decent dinner and some board games and that's a pretty well spent birthday for me
I like to think I'm pretty simple when it comes to celebrations. I don't really care about how sick it looks on Instagram
I just like enjoying my time
Birthdays and our celebration of them is kind of weird like, you're gonna congratulate me
For being born when I really didn't have anything to do with it. It was all my parents
Well, my mom did all the heavy lifting and pushing but...
Yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sure, you were the one or more out of the millions in the race that made it but I feel like we take too much credit
for our own birth when we
didn't really do that much and then every year some of us expect huge
Celebrations for ourselves and forget who's really responsible for our existence
I mean, yeah, go celebrate your birthday. Of course
But maybe give your parents a little acknowledgement too
instead of going apeshit when they get you the wrong color for your iPhone that you're gonna drop and break anyway.
I feel like birthdays aren't even equally treated the same way
If you have a summer birthday,
all the kids are out of school and on vacations and not everyone gets a chance to greet you in person
especially if they have a crush on you and needed the school setting as an excuse to talk to you and maybe give you a
gift that meant more than just a friendly gesture.
Mm-hmm and I can't help but feel bad for the lot of you with holiday birthdays where your celebrations and gifts just get grouped together
For convenience like what is the amount of time for a birthday to be rounded up or down to the nearest Christmas.
Leap year birthdays? How old even are you guys really? Like? How did your parents explain that to you?
Well son, uh, usually you have one but sometimes you don't and this year's one of them. All right go to bed
And then there's lunar birthdays which are based on the moon's cycle. So... I don't even know when you celebrate those
Hey guys. Here's an idea
What if we all just agreed to celebrate all our birthdays on the same day where no matter how old you are,
or when, where, and what time you were born? We all just dedicate this one day to celebrate it
It basically becomes a new holiday to honor everyone. It'll be super!
Syndrome: And with everyone super
No one will be.
I remember in elementary school whenever it was some kid's birthday, every kid in the class would be dropped dead
Not for the kid
No. Excited for the kids mom or dad, who would come in and treat the class with a box of Timbits or pizza or
Whatever. I remember it being the highlight of the day for every kid
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ A Freaking Timbit
Life as a kid was so simple. And my family was still new to Canada during the time
So we didn't know these wild first world traditions. I didn't explain it to my parents though
I felt like if I did it would ruin the whole surprise aspect, so I don't know
I just pretended to be oblivious and assumed that maybe they knew.
My birthday eventually comes along and all my classmates know because the teacher points it out on the calendar.
They were really excited to see what my parents would bring and eight-year-old me (the buffoon that i was)
Also thought:
Yeah, I wonder too! And I kept wondering until the end of the day because my parents...
never came...
I was pretty disappointed. Naively so, at my parents at first, yes, but then
Disappointed to think that the other kids only gave a shi* about you if they got something in return
I mean not all the kids were like that of course, but it was a pretty woke moment for me
My parents did start doing the Timbit thing for the following years though, and I really appreciated them for putting in the effort
I was pretty excited for gifts like any other kid on their birthday
It was one of the few ways I could get consoles and video games, but I didn't really like receiving clothes as a kid
First world problems. It sounds spoiled. I know I'm getting clothes as a teen and onwards is pretty lit though.
But as kid, kid...
Looking back with my 20/20 high insight
Clothes were a pretty poor gift investment
for me anyway.
I was eventually gonna outgrow them in a few years in terms of size and taste in fashion
but toys and games gave me memories.
And those my dear friend...
You can't outgrow.
Dad, c-can I please get a t-shirt?
All my friends are wearing one and I'm cold.
Huh? What was that son?
Yeah, that's why I thought.
You get back in there and play Kingdom Hearts™ √4.76 Final Mix: Director's Cut. Okay?!
I guess I was pretty excited to turn 18 because that's the age people consider you to be an adult,
But honestly, It didn't feel like the Sailor Moon transformation that I thought it'd be.
Oh, Shoot son, we legal. I can finally vote!
I... I don't like any of these candidates.
And then I turned 19 which is the legal age to drink in Ontario,
And I found out I wasn't really an alcohol kind of person.
I mean, I guess my car insurance went down a little bit when I turned 25, but...
Oh, here's a story
You guys remember my female best friend in high school that I had a major crush on.
Well, after sophomore year and before I moved to Virginia,
She started dating some other guy
Long story short: She admitted to me that it was kinda out of pity and guilt
because he's been doing a lot of favors for her and her family
And she thought she owed him so she gave him a chance when he asked her out.
Hey, um..., uh...You should never be obligated to owe someone a relationship.
Okay. All right carry on.
But anyway, Her birthday was coming up and her cousins messaged me to help plan a surprise party for her.
And I don't know if they knew How I felt about Joyce...
I, I think they did.
They should have known.
But they made me run the party errands with her boyfriend.
Because he was 16 and had his license
14 year old me felt real beta for half that day, but you know what?
It's cool!
It's fine!
Because I made a hand-drawn portrait of her
and she was most excited about my present more than anyone elses.
So eat it Chris or whatever your name was
because my memory of you was so suppressed that I forgot.
I'm really behind with greeting people on their birthdays
I know most people have Facebook to remind them of those dates,
But when you don't go on Facebook often enough like me.
You tend to forget to greet some people.
The same goes for a lot of my Mutual's on social media.
Hey guys.
I know this might not mean very much but...
Happy belated birthday to all of you, and I'm sorry I don't pay enough attention. *[
Well, except you Jaiden.
I can't forget yours cuz we twins.
Despite my lack of excitement for my own birthday,
I'm grateful to have family and friends that make this recurring event
more meaningful than I forget it to be.
Thanks guys. Love you.
I Know it's not everyone's birthday. But how about a gift from Audible?
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I recommend A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World by David Spade.
Really hilarious stories, a guarantee chuckle at the least.
Once again, that's audible.com/Domics or text Domics to 500-500
For a 30 day trial, a free audiobook and credits for two audible originals link below.
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41 Folder Collection
Ellen published on November 3, 2018
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