B1 Intermediate US 90 Folder Collection
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- [Narrator] The origins
of the Sunny Family Cult,

which is known as one of the
most mysterious murder cults

in American history, can be traced back
to April Fools' Day in 1982.
(elegant guitar music)
(suspenseful synthesizer music)
(loud squish)
The last reported Sunny
killing was in 2015

in the northern Iowa town of Bettendorf.
(elegant guitar music)
- Crazy thing is they're still out there.
- Whatever.
It's just an urban legend they tell kids,
so they don't do anything
crazy on April Fools'.

- No, my parents actually
told me it was real.

- Well, if I was that guy, I
would've just killed them all.

It's why you carry a gun on you, guys.
- Dude, what are you talking about?
You don't own a gun.
- Yeah, guns are super lame anyway.
- No, you're right, yeah.
Guns are lame.
Good thing though, I don't need
a gun to protect you though.

- Ew, no.
- So, um, Truth or Dare, guys?

- Ooh, ooh!
Can I go first, can I go first?
- That's so lame.
- No, let's do it.
- Okay.
I'll go first.
Taylor, truth or dare?
- Dare.
- I dare you to do seven
minutes of heaven with me.

- You don't have to do that.
- No, it's fine, I want to.
- Okay.
(loud thud)
- Whoa, you're pretty aggressive.
You know I actually like you.
I'm not just trying to get--
- Stop lying, okay?
Just shut up.
- Ah!
- Oh, sorry.

- Try again.
- Well, this game sucks.
(suspenseful synthesizer music)

- He's dead.
- That's not even funny.
- I think it is.
- Aaron, this isn't cool, man.
(ominous synthesizer music)
- He's dead.
He's really dead.
(electricity buzzes)
- Oh my god!

Dude, what is going on?

- No idea!
- Oh shit!
- Jessa!
- Oh my god!

- Dude, we gotta fucking go, we gotta go!
Fuck, shit, dude, we need
to get the fuck out of here!

Taylor has lost her mind!
(suspenseful synthesizer music)
What the fuck?
(loud squish)

- Come on, Taylor, you
don't have to do this.

- Oh, I know, it's just so
much fucking fun though.

It just sucks 'cause you are kinda cute.
I feel bad too, you were
like the only cool one

and you're so nice to me.
- I'm still the cool one.

- What if you joined us?
We're like a family,
people say it's a cult,

but it's more of a family.
We could have so much fun together.
Plus, I know you like me.
- I do, I really do like you.
- I know you do.
- Taylor, we gotta go get the cops.
We can fix this.
This will be fine.
- What a bummer.

(loud squishing)
(playful synthesizer music)
- Taylor, I told you,
strangle, don't stab.

You never listen.
- Stabbing's so much more fun though.
- [Father] Looks like we are
gonna need a lot more bleach.

- I did good though, right?
- You did good.
You're a real part of
the family now, honey.

- You know what?
I think we should do a family portrait.
- Let's.
- If thee who makest me I shall come.
He who breaks me shall come undone.
- Oi!
(suspenseful synthesizer music)
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90 Folder Collection
David Chen published on November 3, 2018
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