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  • Can you see what you could be?

  • One of the first time, I heard about this was

  • the producers calling me on the phone and

  • asking if I would come to Los Angeles.

  • He was considering me for this role of Freddie Mercury.

  • He came in and I was like wow.

  • This is Freddie.

  • I mean it wasn't just acting, it was something that came natural at him.

  • When you set out to play for Freddie Mercury,

  • you think "how am I ever going to fill those shoes?"

  • It's momentous responsibility but one that I was very eager to take on.

  • So this is "Queen"?

  • And you must be Freddie Mercury.

  • You got a gift.

  • You don't wanna mimic Freddie, you want to be able to understand why he did what he did.

  • I had some top choreographers come in and realized choreographers not going to help me.

  • I needed a movement coach.

  • I spent a lot of time wit Rami trying to work out little mannerism tricks.

  • Every eye lift, every turn, every flick of the microphone.

  • Rami, he just disappeared entirely.

  • The way he moves and talks is so Freddie that

  • it's completely magical.

  • Rami's worked so hard,

  • any given moment he was always practicing Freddie's moves.

  • But he also he's found a real humanity to this character

  • that I don't think many people see.

  • We had about fifty hours of costume fittings with heals that were four inches platform.

  • Tightest fitting, sudden pants, and entire lycra outfits.

  • When you dress as Freddie does, makes everyday feel like it's going to be a good time.

  • We are gonna shock the audience.

  • It's one of the best performance I've seen for a very very long time.

Can you see what you could be?

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