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Narrator] This is what it sounds like when 3,500 people are eating together.
And another 3,500.
And another.
In total, today, the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Maharashtra, India
will serve lunch to at least 40,000 people for free.
And this happens every day, 365 days a year.
The temple was built in 2008, around a specific philosophy by spiritual leader Sai Baba.
Baba always said that each and every person should get food to eat and water to drink.
This is the man in charge.
My name is Sanjay Laxman Kumbar.
I work as the supervisor here in the dining hall.
He supervises the kitchen, or mega kitchen,
as this is one of the largest in Asia.
The day, it starts at 6:30 in the morning.
The work is done in two shifts, with 300 people working per shift.
In total, 600 people work in the dining hall and kitchen everyday.
The dining hall starts [serving food] at 10 AM and stops at 10 PM.
Some people are cooking vegetables.
Some clean utensils.
Some are responsible for the bread.
You get it.
Every day, the meal is different.
But the ratio is always the same.
One plate consists of one green vegetable and one bean vegetable, lentils, bread, rice.
All these things we give to everyone.
To make these plates for 40,000 people a day,
it takes a lot of food.
Here are the numbers.
3.3 tons of bread.
Two tons of vegetables.
Nearly one ton of lentils.
And half a ton of dessert.
Now, to make all this food,
the kitchen requires a lot of power.
This is second biggest solar project in Asia.
The roof is covered in solar panels.
So, it's clear this temple's initiatives are something to be proud of.
I want everyone to leave here satisfied.
That's what makes me happy. I don't need anything else.
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The Kitchen Serving 40,000 People a Day

1947 Folder Collection
April Lu published on November 14, 2018    April Lu translated    Evangeline reviewed
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