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- [Narrator] Mumbai has over 18 million people.
The city — it's unpredictable.
But amidst this chaos, there is one thing that is nearly 100% reliable.
It's your lunch delivery.
The dabbawalas of Mumbai are an institution.
A dabbawala is a guy who delivers homemade lunches.
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- [Narrator] This is how the system works.
The dabbawala comes to your home and picks up your lunch.
He goes to the train station where all the other lunches are.
They're sorted and then delivered out into the city to be dropped off at your office.
You eat it, the dabbawala comes, picks it up, and brings your lunchbox back home.
That's the keyword: home.
These aren't takeout delivery guys;
They're delivering you a meal straight from your kitchen.
This system, while seemingly rudimentary,
has been recognized as one of the most efficient logistic systems in the world.
Dabbawalas have an accuracy of 99.99% in their deliveries.
Per million transactions, less than four mistakes are made.
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- [Narrator] Crisscrossing side streets on bikes.
Balancing treys that weigh almost 150 pounds on their head.
This group of 5,000 men — they help define the city.
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- [Narrator] These guys are out there six days a week, monsoon or shine.
Life in Mumbai — it can be chaotic.
Your train might be late, your power might go out,
but damn it, your lunch will be on time.
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The World's Best Delivery Service? Lunch in Mumbai

198 Folder Collection
April Lu published on November 1, 2018
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