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- So, it sort of tastes like a Resse's wrapped in butter,
which is my ideal snack.
- So, we're gonna bring out some classic Halloween candies
and pair them with some of the world's best cheeses.
First up is a fresh chèvre and sour gummy worms.
Goat's milk cheeses are known for being really bright,
acidic, mineraly.
Sour gummy words are also tangy, acidic,
and all the same things.
- I'm excited about this. - I'm so excited.
- Oh, this is a little messy.
- Is that all in my beard?
- Yup. (laughing)
- Yeah, I'd eat that for breakfast.
- Yeah, I would eat just like a bowl of that.
- It felt like a goat cheese piñata.
- Our next pairing is caña de oveja from Spain,
sheep's milk cheese.
We're pairing that with a traditional Snickers.
So, Snickers has that caramel, the nugget.
When you put these two together,
it's like a milkshake on your palette.
- I could eat a whole swimming pool of Snickers bars.
- I'm not a huge Snickers fan.
- I don't like Snickers either.
- Yeah.
- It's really delicious, so...
It's like a milkshake that's a little bit cheesy.
- I could see this being a dessert at a high-end restaurant.
- I don't know if I an finish this one, though.
This was... - What?
- This was really intense cheese.
- I think Snickers are incomplete without this cheese.
- So, this is Cabot clothbound cheddar
paired with candy corns.
What I love about Cabot clothbound cheddar is it can be
both sweet and salty.
You get the savory and you get the sweetness,
which has more caramel, butterscotch-y tones.
- I love candy corn.
- I am aggressively neutral on candy corns.
- I like how it kinda matches in shape.
- Yeah, this is classy.
This is a classy combo.
- Should we cross the cheeses?
They're kinda like blades, right?
- That is so good together.
You're making a mess.
- I have cheese crumbs everywhere.
- This is way more fun than I thought it'd be.
It's delicious.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- It's making me like a candy that I don't typically like.
- Can I keep this cheese?
Do you have to take it away?
- This is the king of cheese, parmigiano reggiano, and Dots.
What I love about parmigiano reggiano is as it ages,
it develops these really fruity notes and tropical notes.
So, you're either gonna get the lemon, the green, the red.
Each one is gonna bring out that fruitiness
in the parmigiano reggiano.
- I hate Dots.
- Dots, those are ones that I'm not excited about.
- When you're trading candy,
Dots always end up in the do not want pile.
- There's multiple Dots here.
You gotta kinda pick and choose.
- I'm gonna go red.
- I'm gonna do boring ass lemon.
Oh, wow.
- Oh my God.
This is weird.
- I don't think I like this.
- This has not been my favorite.
- It's like I'm three again and I'm eating Play-Doh,
but Play-Doh that's been left out for a while.
- Okay, it's coming together.
Alright, I like it.
- It's stuck to my teeth and I can't get it out.
- It's got a Fruity Pebble finish on the end there.
- That's a good comparison.
It's like Fruity Pebbles.
- Good apart, weird together.
- This cheese is a Red Hawk.
It's a triple-cream from Cowbell Creamery.
We put this with Chocolate Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.
The chocolate peanut butter cups
just take out all the stink and funk to it
and they just leave that decadent ooey creaminess
on your palette, which makes it a really fun pairing.
- Just smell the cheese first.
It's stinky.
- I smell a distinct jock strap smell.
- Yeah, like I scratched my armpit smell.
- It smells like a drawer that I filled with cheese.
- Yeah.
- [Redhead Woman] This is it.
- Whoa.
- It's intense.
- I like that. - You like it?
- Oh, I love it.
- I don't like that.
- You have to accept it.
Once it all becomes mouth mush,
just take a deep breath and roll with it.
- It sort of tastes like a Reese's wrapped in butter,
which is my ideal snack.
- Oh, it's like coating my throat.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, it just (groans).
It's just a weird texture.
- I love it.
- This is delicious.
- I love the cheese alone, I love the candy alone,
I love the combination.
- I recommend steal all your kid's candy
or go get it yourself,
put out six different fun styles of cheese,
and have at it with your friends.
Every one of our palettes is different.
Play with it and see what you like for yourself.
(upbeat music)
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Cheese Expert Pairs Halloween Candy With Cheese

90 Folder Collection
Cathy ♥ published on October 31, 2018    程訓舫 translated    Evangeline reviewed
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