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  • Halloween's coming up.

  • Yes.

  • Is this a true story?

  • I want to know.

  • I heard you're scared of clowns.

  • No.

  • I heard that.

  • Impossible.

  • Why is it impossible?

  • Because I'm a black man.


  • You can be scare--

  • I have so many other things to be fearful of.

  • A clown is not going to scare me.

  • Really?

  • Yes.

  • I'm not afraid of clowns.

  • But I heard that you were.


  • Oh [BLEEP]!


  • OK.

  • Yeah, I got you.

  • Oh, you want to play?

  • That's why I had to move this.

  • You sat it on top of it.

  • And I'm like, I had to move that.

  • You know, I woke up this morning,

  • and I said, I want my life to be full of surprises.

  • Ellen, I thank you.

  • Oh, oh.

  • Mwah.

  • You're welcome.

  • That was the next time--

  • I mean, that was the best--

  • I don't even know when I've had that much--

  • that was so gratifying.

  • I only did that because you didn't send me

  • a bottle with your other friends.

  • But let's take a look because that was a really good one.

  • Aw, man.

  • --clowns.

  • But I heard that you were.


  • Oh, shit!


  • I like that you dance when you get scared.

  • You dance when you get scared.

  • I like it.

  • All right, we're going to take a break,

  • and we're going to talk about--

  • You really affected my street cred with that, all right?

  • Yeah!

  • Yeah.

  • We'll be back.

Halloween's coming up.

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Sean 'Diddy' Combs Proves He's Scared of Clowns

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    Emily posted on 2018/10/30
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