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  • I have been asking you to send in best scares,

  • and a lot of you have been sending

  • in a lot of really great scares.

  • I'm going to salute some of them right now

  • in a segment I call Ellen Salutes Your Scares.

  • All right, Brianna from College Station,

  • Texas my best friend Brooklyn and I

  • went to see the movie "The Nun" the night it came out.

  • When the movie was over she told me it wasn't that scary.

  • A week later I did this.

  • [SCREAM]

  • Well, Brooklyn, when you get your revenge, make sure you

  • video, you send me that video.

  • Matt from Liberty, Missouri says I've

  • been scaring my students a lot.

  • This was my favorite.

  • Reshawn!


  • He was not going to let that phone go.

  • He was scared, but the phone was not dropping.

  • Ali from Hogensberg.

  • New York I told the kids that whoever made it to the tree

  • first would get $10.


  • So you save $10, but 18 years of therapy

  • you're going to have to pay for.

  • I salute your scares.

  • If I showed yours I'm going to give you $150 Visa gift card.

  • And if I haven't gotten anything from you,

  • film it and send me your scares, and post them on Ellen Tube.

  • It doesn't matter if it's after Halloween.

  • I celebrate your scares all year round.

  • I don't mind whenever you scare people.

I have been asking you to send in best scares,

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Get Ready for Halloween with These Scares

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