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  • Now I thought I would share some of my favorite

  • #IfIWonTheLottery stories from you guys.

  • This first one's from @Jerrikaswag.

  • She says, "I would get Britney Spears and her backup dancers

  • to come to my house and sing 'Work Bitch'

  • while my kids did their chores."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • Yeah.

  • This one's from @Kevintjackson.

  • He says, "I would pay Morgan Freeman to move in with me

  • and narrate my activities."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • "He ordered that pad Thai again for dinner."

  • This one's from @Kristinrose124.

  • She says, "I'd hold a 'Bachelorette'-style

  • rose ceremony for every person I know

  • where they find out if they made the cut

  • to be part of my awesome rich life."

  • [ Laughter and applause ]

  • "Sorry, Kayla, you're not getting a rose."

  • This one's from @Daveholmestv. -Yeah!

  • He says, "I would finally get my own HBO Go subscription

  • and stop using my ex's password."

  • Hey! [ Laughter and applause ]

  • Small goals.

  • -This one is from @ewokabby. -Yeah.

  • She says, "I would pay off my student loans

  • and then with the extra $4 left,

  • I'd buy a bean crunchwrap supreme from Taco Bell."

  • [ Cheers and applause ] That's not bad.

  • -That might be the best one. -Yeah, that's the best one.

  • This one's from @wooddr0.

  • He says, "I would buy a rocket ship,

  • fill it with all the mosquitos,

  • then launch it directly into the sun."

  • Yeah! [ Laughter and applause ]

  • Mosquitos.

  • This last one's from @Chrisorem10.

  • He says, "I would fly some people who believe

  • the Earth is flat to outer space

  • just so I could point at the Earth

  • and be like, 'Look, dumbass.'"

  • There you go. There are your "Tonight Show" hashtags.

  • To check out more of our favorites,

  • go to

Now I thought I would share some of my favorite

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