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Well, you gotta give this game one thing. The title doesn't lie. Two words, one number,
three digits, 101 meanings. There's 101 heroes in this game. There's 101 ideas, in this game.
There's 101 mechanics, 101 transformations and 101 things that make, this game...wonderful.
There's just one problem.
There's also 101 problems.
Which is kind of a big problem for The Wonderful 101.
Of course, if there's one thing that's not a problem for this game, it's the talent of
its creators. The Wonderful 101 comes from Platinum Games, the visionary developers behind
games like Bayonetta, MadWorld and—once upon a time—a pair of games called Okami,
and Viewtiful Joe. So obviously, if Platinum has a calling card, it's creativity. Jarring,
uncompromising creativity, at all costs.
With The Wonderful 101, there are certainly costs.
So this is a game about...something. Honestly, it makes as much cents as a broken change
machine. There's a group of 100 heroes...each one with a black mask, a fun gimmick and a
Space Ghost obsession. And there's also a story...something about terrorists from outer
space, and that sounds more logical than it actually is.
Anyway, the point is...when you get these heroes together?
You're gonna see some serious sh*t.
The Wonderful 101 is a strange, complex and...overwhelming explosion of unique gameplay ideas and Japanese
weirdness. But if you peel away some of those layers, you can strip this thing down to a
few primary ingredients. I mean, this is really just a Viewtiful Joe and Pikmin salad, with
some Okami croutons. And Power Rangers vinaigrette. It's a very cool design, and there's really
nothing like it.
At least, not on this planet.
So, like Pikmin, you control this entire group. And you have direct control over the designated
leader, whom the others follow. The more, the merrier, too. Because with more heroes
comes way more powerful attacks. They all sort of just...come together, transforming
into the very same weapons and gizmos you're drawing on the touch screen. Hence the Okami
Which are delicious, by the way. Little bit salty.
So you're drawing up weapons, building up an army, going all Megazord...it's just an
incredibly cool and frantic experience. It's the kind of game you want to love. Which is
why I was so disappointed to find that...the concept is a lot better than the game. The
Wonderful 101's ambitions far exceed its capabilities, which often struggle to realize them. I mean,
it's awesome to have a hundred heroes, but less awesome when controlling them—and even
seeing them—can be such a pain in the ass.
And you know, it's not just a bad camera and some awkward controls. There are some glitches,
and technical issues. And most of all, the game just has a ridiculous learning curve.
It takes a lot of patience to figure out, and given all the game's problems, a lot of
players won't have it. And you know, The Wonderful 101 doesn't really explain anything, either.
It just throws you in the water and forces you to sink or swim.
And as much as some players might like that...for most players? It's just another frustration.
On top of a hundred others.
Then again, frustration has never been this cool. And there are just as many reasons to
love this game. Even when it pisses you off, and it gives you a headache...you still want
to go back. You know, it's kinda sad we live in this black and white world, where games
can only be amazing or awful. Because black and white doesn't really apply to The Wonderful
101. This game exists in its own world. And in that world?
Drawing circles summons giant people fists.
Fat Frenchmen wear green spandex.
And even a flawed video game...can still be wonderful.
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CGR Undertow - THE WONDERFUL 101 review for Nintendo Wii U

963 Folder Collection
阿多賓 published on October 8, 2013
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