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The biggest reason people are unhappy right now is because they value somebody else's opinion more than they value their own
Have the conversation with the person that's holding you back. The reason most people who are listening right now
are not doing that thing is they're worried about the opinion of somebody
Am so devastated that you actually let your grandma's point of view your mom your dad your sister your aunt
You still let somebody else dictate based on their opinion?
Every action you do and it's your life
The reason I'm super happy is nobody can tell me nothing my wife mom and daughter could walk into my room right now
Tell me on a piece of crap and I would be 100% unfazed that is some gangster emotional structure
If you're not feeling it
Find new friends. I'm being dead serious about this. This one is real big for me
The only way I've seen now that I'm older that you can build confidence is if you surround yourself with people that are optimistic
Start trimming your friend group and start adding to your friend group
predicated on what you want to be.
Like it's unbelievable what happened to me

when I got into the Silicon Valley world and started meeting like Mark Zuckerberg
And like F Williams and like Travis like it changed my life
Everybody in this room needs to cut out as much of the noise and time with people that are negative and
spend as much time with people that are positive. The people you spend time with are the ones that dictate your mindset
You can limit your time with your mom. You can limit your time with your best friend
You could tell your girlfriend or husband to go fuck themselves
Yeah, you fucking roll up in your dad your mom your sister and say fuck you. I'm out because you're fucking toxic
I'll see you in six years. You can figure out why the fuck I left. You're accepting to be in that relationship
If you feel motivated by this conversation or you're intrigued by it add one new winner friend
Like, you know what? I mean? I had one new winner friend and cut one loser friend
I felt like even when I give it away and I don't speak to them the chatter of them talk like that means it's like
That means you value their opinions
Yeah. I don't. Yeah
Please let this be the video that drills through your head
That your life is predicated on when you get real quiet and you can't hear another
fucking person's two cents that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with where there are in your life
are you really gonna let those eight or nine people dictate your life because you are so fearful of
judgment from others that at the end of the day when you're 87, you will not give a fuck about
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#1 LIFE HACK for Motivation & Happiness | A Gary Vaynerchuk Original

603 Folder Collection
劉家均 published on October 25, 2018
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