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- Well dressed, beautiful
black woman in Seattle.

I think you're about 80,000 right now.
- Okay.
- Oh.
(laughter off set)

- Sounds like I was wrong!
(loud laughter)
(soft tuba music)
- Hello!
- I'm Rain.
- My name is Catalina.
- I'm Dae Shik Kim Hawkins Jr.
- Um, how much do I make a year?
Let me do some basic Asian math.
- I made 57,000 dollars last year.
I did pretty good.
- Probably somewhere under like 20,000.
I'm a student, computer science.
- Oh that's fun!
It's kind of like fucked up too.
(loud laughter)
- Income?
Thank God.
I was told I was guessing penis sizes.
- This is gonna be really
hard, I'm already nervous.

Like, oh man I don't even know!
I don't even know my stereotypes.
- Hello!
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Strong handshake.

- You definitely feel like you
have more money than me, so.

- Your boobs are
- beautifully placed.
- Thank you.

- Whoever did that shit, go
back and send them a card.

They did it.
- What year car do you have?
- 2016.
- BMW.
- Okay.

- And have you traveled anytime recently?
- I travel at least once or twice a month.
- I think you're very rich.
300K a year.
You'd probably be a millionaire
if you were white, probably.

- If I was white!
- Can I see your ring again?
Wow, that's nice.
That why I got it at Claire's.
I'm gonna guess 200,000 dollars a year.
- I think you make like 50
to 60,000 dollars a year.

- 80,000 dollars.
Cause Imma say you a hoe.
Off bat, I'm just gonna
say that she's a hoe.

No if you're not a hoe
you should think about it,

cause it could pay for
whatever you keep doing

to keep yourself looking this nice!
It's nice meeting you.
(clapping off set)

- Thank you, very nice meeting you too.
- Interesting, what is this?
- Ah, it says, "October 31,
2005 True Love Forever."

It was when my first wife tried to stab me
to death in a coke-induced rage.
- Oh.
(laughs loudly)
- Can I ask are you a
trust fund baby secretly?

- No, I actually grew up homeless.
- Are you still homeless?
- No, no.
I do get asked that though.
- Okay you're not homeless.
- Do you get to wear this to work?
- Yes!
- So you get to wear this to work?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna guess you make
55,000 dollars a year.

- You probably make
about like 60,000 a year.

Like carpentry or like
a construction worker.

He's carrying a knife.
That's just something you can tell
he carries on him every day.
Like I carry my keys.
- You work stock at Hot Topic.
So you make 15 an hour.
- Sweet.
- Can I get a discount?
- No.
- Okay, see ya.
(laughs loudly)
- You look nice.
- Thank you.
- You look coordinated.
- I'm doin alright.
- You make money don't you?

- You do tech shit and you make money.
- What type of phone do you have?
- I have an iPhone.
- Is it the X?
- No.
- Is it the 10?
- Uh, no.
- Is it the 15th?
- It's the nine or something?

- Oh it's the nine okay so.
- Newish?
- Newish, okay.
- When's the last time
you've been into a Ross?

- Um.
(laughter off set)

- Real recently.
- Don't lie.
- Entrepreneur makes
upwards of 100,000 a year.

- I don't know, he has good fashion.
He looks happy, I mean he looks like
he doesn't miss a meal, so.
- Also true.
(laughter off set)
- Yo, you could be a pyramid
scheme manager person.

- It's possible.
- That's not impossible.
- Uh-uh.
- Three million a year.
- Three million.
- Yeah, I think you're famous.
You have a famous face.
- Thank you, I've actually
heard that before.

- He's famous.
- My name's Cat.
- Lamont, nice to meet you.
- Lamont, I like your sweater.
- Thank you, appreciate it.
- You smell like weed.
- That's very indicative.
- You smell like marijuana.
- I think you work at a weed shop.
(Lamont laughs)
(loud laughter)

- How much do you think I make?
- 50,000 a year bro.
You either are a motivational speaker
to youth in high schools.
- Mhmm.
- Or work at a phone sex hotline.
(Lamont laughs)
Cause you got a good voice dude.
You got a good voice.
- What do you do for fun?
- Work.
- You work or fun?
- I was raised by a
first generation Germans.

- [Cat] Oh, okay.
- Work is fun.
- [Cat] Work is fun.
(laughter off set)
Work is fun.

- Look at his belt and his boots.
And then he's standing right now,
that's like low key at ease.
He's just like settling into his
natural stance as in the military.
I can tell you've killed some people.
- Can I see your hands.
Oh they are rough, he's worked.
I think he's mechanic.
He makes a good living like I would say
like maybe 200,000 a year?
Own your own shop you can make a lot.
- 10 grand a year, legally.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Why did he do that?
- Carlos.
- Ryan.
- Ryan?

I'm gonna kinda like look you over.
- Alright, check me out?
- And judge you.

- How old are you?
- I'm 20.
- 20.
- You definitely either
the make up of a tech bro

or a youth pastor.
- Oh.
- Sleeves rolled up so
hip youth pastor, sorry.

- Do you work full time, part time?
- Part time and full.
- [Cat] Part time an full?
- So like you have multiple part
time jobs that make it full time?
- [Ryan] Yes.
- Are you a college student?
- Yes.
- This man makes not a dime.
I think he lives with his parents.
But like he's gonna be
that kid in five years

who has kids who are driving Porches.
- Lamborghini's and Porches.
- Right, right.
Well it was nice meeting you.
- Nice meeting you, Carlos.
- So what does my appearance say to you?
- Well you care about your appearance.
I mean you dress nice, I
really do like the dress.

Where do you shop?
I guess that's a good place to-
- Wherever that gets me a good deal.
- Okay, good deal?
- Do you own any scrubs?
- I do.
- Yo, you're a nurse?
I know it, she's a nurse.
You're not like a head nurse yet.
Somewhere under 50.
- So I would say like 35 to 40,000 a year.
- Well dressed, beautiful
black woman in Seattle.

Two steps away from cracking the top.
Getting really that
luxurious life you want.

I think you're about 80,000 right now.
- Okay.
- Oh.
(laughter off set)

Sounds like I was wrong.
- Hello.
- Hi!
- Hi, how are you?
- Good, how are you?
- I'm doin really good.
I'm like awkward because I'm judging you
as I'm trying to be nice to you.
I'm like, "Judging you!"
- You've got ripped jeans,
but intentionally ripped.

The rip is about a size of
somebody who knows about fashion.

- I love the shoes, I love the pants.
With this asymmetrical blouse.
Where did you get that?
- Nordstrom.
(Carlos sighs)
- She shops as Nordstrom for this.
- A little bit more than 40,000.
She's probably somebody's
manager, you have a manager face.

- I have a manager face.
- Yeah you look like somebody
people would be mad at a lot.

- Yes, I think you gather
people and motivate them,

and you wrote a book and
your face is on the cover.

It's probably, safely, on the number two.
- Right on that shelf.
- Save wave best seller!

- Yes, probably have a cult following,
so probably one million dollars.
- You make 75,000 dollars.
- She's an entrepreneur,
she makes 100,000 a year.

It was nice meeting you.
- It's nice to meet you too.
- No, okay go to the Good Will!
They got great clothes.
(Cat sighs)
- I think I got them, I got one right.
- I think I'm very wrong.
- I feel like one of
those people were homeless

and y'all are tryin to trick me.
- The construction guy.
But I'm not sure.
- Okay.
- The famous guy!
- What's up?
- I'm so nervous!
I'm nervous right now!
- Alright, I really wanna know
who I got right and wrong.

You do tech don't you, mother fucker?
(loud laughing)
- Alright, come on up.
Was I right?
- No.
- Oh.
What happened?
- I'm not broke.
- Oh.
(loud laughing)

But why are you still in the bottom?
- Cause I'm the brokest out of you.
(loud laughing)
- Do you live with your parents though?
- I do.
- Okay, how much you make a year?
- 25.
- Okay.
I mean, here in this city.
That's zero.
(Carlos laughs)
(loud laughing)

- Okay, a student.
- Yes, and also I work
at the food services

along with a freelance
phototopography and music promoter.

- You work four jobs?
- Yes.
- You do all of that and
you're at the end of the line?

- [Ryan] Yeah!
- So you on the end right
now but you gonna climb.

- Yeah, that's what I want.
- You're a smart dude.

- You're a smart dude, alright cool.
- Thank you.
- I gotta get you too right?
- Kinda.
- Kinda!

- I am a CNA in a hospital.
- Oh okay!
And how much do you make?
- I make about 35 to 40,000.
- 35 to 40,000 so I was a little high.
- What will you make after
you get done with school?

- 150K to 200K,
- Depending on the area.
- Yay!

- So yeah.
- Money, when do you get done with school?
- Eight years from now.
- Damn, that's forever.
- What are your hustles?
- So I am a vocalist, and I do admin
for hospital, and I'm a nanny!
- And a nanny?
- Yeah!
- Fun!

- Four jobs?
- Yeah.

- Everybody works four jobs
in this end of the line.

(light laughing)
- Me again, how's it goin?
- So what do you do?
- Um, I'm a banker.
- Like you work at a bank?
- At a bank.
- So how much do you make a year?
- Between 35, 40.
- 35 to 40.
- So I'm bouncing

back and forth, I'm doing all right.
- Okay, no, okay yeah that's dope.
Well I'm sorry for saying you sell weed.
But I said at least, legally!
(loud laughing)
- Exactly, I don't know if we
could've said that in here!

- What do you do?
- I'm an exterminator.
- No fucking way.
What do you kill, people?
- Everybody's got their price.
- How much do you make as an exterminator?
- I make about 40,000 a year.
- Alright, and what do you exterminate?
- If it walks, crawls, or
flies, we will kill it.

- I wanna know the pens.
- Oh!
- Is that just cause

you write a lot?
You gotta sign things?
- The one thing you don't want to do
around me is drink to excess and pass out.
I will mark you.
(loud laughing)

- You should be scared.
- But.
(loud laughing)

- Look at my toe pointing at you.
Look at my brace in the back.
- Uh-uh.
(loud laughing)

- I'm checking your balance.
I'm checking your balance right now.
- I got pretty good balance.
- No you don't.
(loud laughing)
- He said no you don't!

- How do you follow up that one?
- I don't know.
- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you again.

- What do you do for real?
- I'm the Vice President of a
media property called Do206.

- [Rain] Oh!
- We throw concerts,
- We work with bands.
- You's a president!

- Yeah, I'm a boss.
- He's a boss!
- You're not a label?
- I'm not a label, I have a
music group is what it's called.

So we do artist management.
- How much do you make a year?
- About 90.
- Damn!
So you're living pretty good?
- Yeah, yeah!
- You comfortable?
- Yeah, I mean I'd like to make more.
You know, Seattle's expensive.
- Stay safe.
- Thank you.
- Ah, I know you
- Make a lot of money.
- Oh hi!

- Sex work, please say
sex work, please God!

- I'm not a whore, I'm sorry.
- What do you do?
- I do.
- Vice president.

- I do hair.
- Hair!

- At Microsoft.
- Wait.
- There's a salon at Microsoft.
- And so how much do you actually make?
- About 101.
- 101!
What is that one?
- You gotta put it in there!
- Aw, you know to the T what it is.
- Mhmm, I do.
- What is doing hair Microsoft entailing?
- There's 65,000 plus
people on that campus.

- Who need a haircut.
- I have a lot of clients.

- What's the toppest most
executive you cut for?

Is that confidential?
- Probably.
- You cut Bill's hair?
- No, I can
- No?

- Say that on camera.
- No?

- But I would like to!
(light laughing)
- If you need a haircut!
- Yeah Bill, she's good.
- Why do you carry a knife?
- This is my work uniform.
- What do you do?
- I own an IT corporation.
It was technically a technology firm.
- Wait, you didn't go to
school for that, did you?

- No!
- I think I put you at 60,000?
- Yeah, 55 to 65.
- 55 to 65?

And how much do you make?
- Last year about 150,
we're probably set to make 200 this year.
- Nice!
- You're gonna start like
a little business thing?

- Oh, no.
- No?
- It's gonna be a big business thing.
- Oh, oh!
He corrected me he was like,
"Heheh, it won't be a little business."
That's dope, I like that.
(loud laughing)

Thank you man for sharing
that, that's super dope.

- How much do you make?
- I make between 15,000
and 20,000 a month.

- Now, are you the hoe?
- A month!
16,000 to 20,000 a month.
- Wow!
What do you do?
And make the most out of all these people.
- I am a life and business coach.
- Life coach!
- Oh, so you do have that
book with your face on it.

- One day!
- I was pretty spot on with that.
- One day.
- Were you annoyed at all
that I put you in the middle

and not all the way at
the top where you belong?

- No.
- No you didn't care?
- No.

- You know why?
Life isn't stressful, right life coach?
(loud laughter)
- Everyone can get rich I guess,
but it's not about the money
for me it really wasn't.

It never started that way.
That's just kind of what's
happened truly from my heart.

- Is that what you tell your clients?
Am I still in the trial period?
(loud laughing)
Nice meeting you.
(intense drums)
- What do you want me to do?
(Rain sighs)
(Man laughs off set)
- Yeah!
- I would be right here.
Cause you're at 100 and you're at 50?
- Am I really?
- Right here.
(light laughing)
- I make negative 14,000 a year.
So this is where I'm at.
- [Man] Good job.
(loud clapping)
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Guess My Income | Lineup | Cut

98 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 25, 2018
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