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-But this is exciting news. An arena tour?
-It's exciting, man. It's exciting to be back.
How have you been? -I'm doing fantastic.
I can't complain.
Yeah, but I'm here to talk about you.
-Oh. I was here to talk about you.
-No, that's the other show. That's your show.
But I want to know about this.
I mean, I know you do stand-up, but arenas?
-Yeah. I'm excited, man. -How many cities are you doing?
-Well, right now, we have 28 cities scheduled,
and then, we're going to be working up from there,
trying to find more cities.
I'd like -- The funny thing about announcing a tour is that
you'll be like "28 cities announced,"
and then, everyone is like, "What about my city?"
And I'm like, "Yeah, but these are the ones
that are being announced."
They're like, "Yeah, but you didn't say mine."
And I'm like, "Yeah, there's many cities."
These are the ones I'm doing right now.
-Right now, these are the ones that are -- Yeah.
-And they're like, "Yeah, but where's my city?"
-We'll get to your city. -Right.
-But do you like going to all of these?
-I love it, man. I love traveling around America.
I've been to all 50 states. I've been to hundreds of cities.
I'm somewhere different every single weekend.
You know what I love most?
Is that you get to learn America.
So you get to travel the country,
and you learn about people.
You learn about the places.
Like, I was in Rochester, New York.
And when you're in Rochester, New York,
it doesn't seem like a glamorous place, you know?
You don't think there's anything special.
But you read the history,
and it was, like, the home of the suffragette movement.
Frederick Douglass lived there, the famous abolitionist.
-It was a safe haven for slaves
that had escaped slavery in the South.
They'd come up using the Underground Railroad.
They get there.
They'd get them on boats, get them to Canada,
and these people would live free.
And that was insane for me to find out,
because I was like, "How did they convince black people
to get back on boats?"
That's, like -- It's mind-boggling.
You can't tell me that was
a smooth process every single time.
-Yeah, yeah. I guess so, yeah. Yeah, they probably -- Yeah.
-You have to be hella convincing, Jimmy.
-You would have to be, yeah.
-You realize it's 2018, and black people --
we still don't mess with water.
-You really don't. No, no, you really don't.
No, that's not one of your --
-So, that's why I love traveling,
'cause, like, I learn things that -- I've been everywhere.
The Andy Warhol Museum in one city you go.
It's just learning America is what I enjoy.
-But how about outside of America,
when you go -- 'Cause you've done different continents.
You've done -- I mean, how do people react to you differently?
-Well, if I have a free weekend, I'll go to, like,
Sweden or Denmark.
And, like, the flight is almost as long as going to L.A.
People don't realize that.
So you just pop over that other way, and then it's like --
Like it's other L.A. Just think of it that way.
And then -- And it's cool. You know what's great?
People laugh all over the world, right?
-I think the only difference is how audiences heckle you.
That's what I find. -Oh, really?
-So, like, I find if you go to, like, England,
if you're not careful -- -Whoo!
-Yeah, you see already -- getting heckled.
You see. -They're ready to go.
-See the U.K. is ready to go.
Like, they will heckle -- Like, I've wanted to
cry onstage in the U.K., because you'll get onstage
and then you'll say something, and then someone in the audience
will have a funnier joke than yours, heckling you.
So you'll be like, "You know what's strange about the U.K.?"
They'll be like, "Yeah, you, mate."
-That's pretty good.
-Here's what I love, is -- in America,
I find people are like -- It's like the most,
like, encouraging heckling.
So, like, one time, I was telling a joke,
and I paused for effect.
And there's just complete silence,
and then one guy shouted and is like,
"You can do it, Trevor!"
It's, like, inspiring. -It's inspiring.
-It's inspiring.
-Takes you right out of your act.
Let's talk about the new Netflix special.
This is "Son of Patricia." -Yes.
-Where did the name come from? I'm assuming mom?
-Right, but the name originally came from --
So, my mom and I grew up as a team.
My mom is, like, the most gangsta human being
you'll ever meet.
She's, like, a beautiful black woman
who just didn't take crap from anybody.
And what I loved is how
she raised me and how she spoke to me.
So, my mom would always say to me --
Whenever I was angry with her, my mom would --
Like, I would look at her and I'd be like, "Mom!"
And I couldn't, like -- I didn't, like, throw tantrums,
because I wasn't white, right?
No, so, I couldn't, like, throw tantrums.
I could just, like, look at her, like, with that eye,
and, like, you've got that look in your eye
that's like, "Oh, if I could control the Earth,
you would be gone."
Like that type of thing. -Yeah.
-And then she'd look at me and she'd be like, "Say it, say it."
And I'd be like, "Say what?"
She's like, "Say it -- your mom is a bitch."
And I would be like, "What?"
And she'd be like, "That's right.
You're a son of a bitch."
And she'd, like, flip it on me,
and so that's, like, the thing we always say to each other.
And then I wanted to call my special that,
and then people we're like,
"I don't think anyone will understand it."
So I was like, "Son of Patricia,"
because my mom is Patricia.
But she knows what it really means.
My mom knows. -She gets a shout-out.
-Mom knows. -Here's the loving mom.
Look at how cool. Aww! -That's us.
-That's amazing. -That's the team right there.
-I know your book -- Congrats on --
I think the last time or the last two times you came out,
you told me you released your book.
-Right, right. And it's been amazing.
But thank you for the support.
Thank you to everyone who has gone out and bought it.
-They're making it into a movie.
-They are, man, making it into a movie.
-This is so cool.
-I mean, I never dreamed that would happen.
-Who is playing your mom?
-Lupita Nyong'o is playing my mom, which is -- Right?
[ Cheers and applause ] Yeah.
-Wow! That is fantastic. -Yeah. And it's funny.
She was actually on the set of "Black Panther"
when she was reading my book.
And then she called me and she said,
"Hey. I want to be your mom."
And I said like, "I'm sorry. What?
Hello? What?"
'Cause she gave me no, like, anything.
She's like, "Hello, Trevor. This is Lupita.
I want to be your mom."
I was like, "I don't know what that means, but yes."
-Yes, of course. -You have to say yes.
You have to say yes.
And then she was like, "In the movie."
Then I was like, "Oh, yeah." -Of course, yeah.
-Yes, of course. Of course. Yes. -Exactly.
-And it's great, because, like, you know,
you see pictures of them.
They're both beautiful women. They're both doing their thing.
They're both living in different worlds.
And it was great, because when I saw Lupita in "Black Panther"
and then I saw how she, like, kicked everyone's asses,
I was like, "Oh, yeah.
That reminds me of how my mom used to whip my ass."
-Perfect. You got the part.
-Yeah, I grew up in Wakanda
with a woman like Lupita whipping my ass.
I was like, "This is it." -This is perfect, man.
-So I'm totally excited for that.
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Trevor Noah Is Lupita Nyong'o's Son

293 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 25, 2018
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