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My name is Matt D'Avella.
I directed the Netflix documentary Minimalism.
And this is my minimalist wardrobe.
Oh, don't look at me like you don't have an adult-sized penguin onesie in your closet.
That's—you don't?
You don't?
You don't have one?
It's not a—it's not a fetish or anything.
It's just—it's comfortable.
It keeps me warm.
Let's take a look at my minimalist wardrobe.
This is my go-to T-shirt
I wear pretty much every day.
I have 12 of them.
I've also got 12 of those same shirts in gray.
My everyday pair of jeans.
One hoodie.
Eighteen pairs of underwear.
I thought I—I thought I had—where's . . . ? Oh, shit. Eighteen, eighteen pairs of underwear.
Eleven pairs of socks, and that number gets smaller every day.
Three pairs of fancy socks because I can party.
These are my everyday summer shorts.
I have two pairs of mesh shorts that I wear around the house.
Natalie gets very upset when I wear these outside the house.
I've got six pairs of gym shorts.
Two tank tops.
One pair of khakis that I swear I forgot existed until I made this video.
Three button downs.
I recently learned from a subscriber here that button up or down refers to the buttons on the collar.
The more you know.
One gray sweatshirt. One blue sweater.
This is a cool jacket, right?
I like this jacket.
I think it's cool.
These are my glasses.
I have one watch.
There's my belt, a beanie, a Yankees hat.
These are my everyday sneakers, my gym sneakers,
fancy shoes for fancy dinners, boots, and flip-flops,
or as they call them in Australia, thongs.
Yeah, they really call them that in Australia.
It's weird.
That's a weird thing to call flip-flops.
And my suit.
I dust this off for weddings maybe once or twice a year.
And that's my minimalist wardrobe.
Wow, thanks so much for watching the video, guys.
Really appreciate your support.
If you liked it, you can subscribe.
There's, like, there's a link on the bottom of the video and, like, you know, I'm pretty sure you guys know how to subscribe to videos.
I make about two to four original videos every week so check in, subscribe.
There will be more.
If you want to see behind the scenes content, how I made this video, and how I go about making all my videos, then you can go to Instagram.
It's @Matt D'Avella.
Check one two.
We're rolling.
Hi, my name is Matt D'Avella.
I directed the Netflix documentary Minimalism.
Do I have to keep doing that intro for every video?
I was gonna say something else—Oh yeah! I've got a podcast!
It's called the Ground Up Show.
I interview comedians, rappers, filmmakers, photographers, about their stories and how they got started. So, if you want to get the podcast, go to groundupshow.com.
I think you'll like it.
If you don't . . . this, this channel is quickly just turn[ing]—I'm gonna—I'm one step away from turning into Carrot Top.
This is scary.
I'm scared.
This is the last time I wear a costume in a video.
I suppose, I'm probably speaking out of turn.
It's gonna happen again.
I know it.
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My Minimalist Wardrobe

220 Folder Collection
michelle published on October 25, 2018
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