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That was delicious Anne
I'm glad you enjoyed it
Yes, it was very tasty
if you went to Singapore you could have it every day
There you are, Mark, the advantages of travel
I thought it was absolutely superb
Thank you, Steve.
What did you think Louise?
Too hot!
I'm sorry.
That's how we eat in Singapore
Do you want to play darts?
What's that?
Come on, I'll show you
Can I play too?
No Louise. Let Anne relax
She cooked dinner, so we'll clean up
You have to hold it like this
Gently, like this
Look where you want the dart to go, and throw it, but not too hard
That's pretty good for a beginner
Anne, you seem sad again
What's the matter?
There's something I haven't told you...
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Living English - That was delicious

237 Folder Collection
IRIS published on October 25, 2018
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