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Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón, better
known as Frida Kahlo, was born in Coyoacán

on July 6th 1907.
She was a mexican painter and poet.
Frida grew up in the famous Blue House in
Coyoacán, with her dad Guillermo Kahlo (german,

who became a naturalised mexican) and her
mom Matilde Calderón.

Frida had three sisters: Matilde, Adriana
and Cristina, 11 months younger than her,

and a brother, Guillermo, who died some days
after he was born.

Frida also had 3 older sisters on her dads
side: Luisa, Margarita and María, who also

died soon after she was born.
Frida's childhood was marked by the different
illnesses she went through, leaving permanent

sequels on her.
Her dad, wanting to cheer her up and looking
for a way of rehabilitation for her, encouraged

her to practise sports such as soccer or boxing.
Contrary to the good relationship she had
with her dad, Frida's relationship with

her mom always went through ups and downs.
It was not a constant in Frida's life.
In 1922, she enrolled in the National Preparatory
High School, in Mexico , where she wanted

to study medicine.
Here, she got to know future mexican intellectuals
and artists, such as Salvador Novo, or Alejandro

Gomez Arias (who will also become her boyfriend),
among others.

Frida joined the group The Cachuchas, named
after the caps they used.

They defined themselves as a political group,
crítical with authorities and injustice.

Frida started working as an apprentice at
Fernando Fernandez Dominguez 's engraving

and printing workshop, a friend of her dad.
He taught her how to paint imitating Anders

On september 17th 1925, Frida suffered a serioustraffic

She was travelling on a bus that got moved
down by a tram.

She suffered several injuries, broken pelvic
bone, spinal column…

She had to go through different methods of
rehabilitation that would leave a mark on

her forever.
Plaster corsets, mechanisms of stretching...
During her long convalescence (convalésens),
she started painting constantly.

And this is how painting becomes an essential
part of her life.

In 1926 she painted her first self portrait,
dedicated to Alejandro.

In this first work, we can already see a characteristic
that will be a constant in her works: reflecting

how she sees life and how things make her

At this period, Frida had already started
to frequent political, artistic and intellectual

There, she would meet Diego Rivera, 21 years
older than her.

Soon, Frida would be attending the meetings
of the Mexican Communist Party, of which Diego

was a member.
In 1928, Frida visited Rivera when he was

working in one of his famous murals, with
the intention of showing him her own works.

Rivera was impressed and encouraged her to
keep painting.

From that moment on, Diego was a constant
guess at the Kahlo's home.

On August 21st 1929, they got married.
This marriage was even known as the “union
between an elephant and a dove”.

Diego was big and obese; Frida, little and

Their relationship was based on love, adventures
with other people, a creative link and hate.

Even tho the doctors told Frida she couldnt
have children because of her INJURIES, she

got pregnant in 1930.
However, because of the sequels of the accident
and the baby's position, her pregnancy had

to be interrupted.
It took her long to accept she could never
have children...

Despite the adventures from both sides, the
couple perfectly complemented each other in

many aspects.
Diego loved her paintings and was her biggest
fan, however…

Frida was her husbands biggest critic.
Due to the political atmosphere at the time
and thanks to Diegos fame in the US, the couple

moved there.
Frida would then have contact with Giorgio
de Chirico's influences.

In Detroit, during one of Diego's orders,
she went through another abortion.

The pain she felt was captured in several
of her works.

After this terrible event, they went back
to Mexico in 1933.

In 1939 Kahlo and Rivera got divorced, after
several infidelities - the most painful of

them, Diego and Frida's sister, Cristina.
At the time, Frida had an affair with the
communist leader León Trotsky, who lived,

exiled those years in the Blue House.
After Leóns assassination by a member of
the NKVD, Frida was blamed and arrested, tho

set free not long after.
A year later, they married again.
It was more of a friendly agreement than an
usual marriage.

During those years, the recognition of her
works kept growing, and she participated in

several expositions, at the MOMA in New York,
among others.

In 1953, the only individual exposition in
Mexico City took place.

Frida was very weak, and she went to the event
in an ambulance, on a hospital bed.

That same year they had to amputate her right
leg, below her knee, due to gangrene.

This sent her into a profound depression.
She tried to kill herself several times.
In the end, Frida Kahlo died in Coyoacan on
July 13th 1954.

She was cremated and her ashes lie in the
Blue House, a museum now.

The last words in her diary were “I joyfully
await the exit – and I hope never to return”

Her personality has been adopted as one of
the international icons of feminism.

Frida Kahlo has turned into a cultural reference,
a myth that lives beyond the image the painter

had created
of herself.
Long live our Frida!
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FRIDA KAHLO | Draw My Life

94 Folder Collection
Caurora published on October 24, 2018
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