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Edmond Dantes is a fine young sailor, nineteen
years old, aboard the Pharaon.

Their captain died on the voyage and so Dantes
stepped in to serve, including skillfully

docking the ship in the harbor at Marseilles.
He is glad to be home because he is about
to marry his beautiful fiancée, Mercedes

The Pharaon is owned by Monsieur Morrel, a
good man who encourages the official promotion

of Dantes to captain.
But others are jealous of Dantes's abilities
and desirous of what he has, and are determined

to ruin him.
Dantes is carrying a letter which the Pharaon
picked up on the Isle of Elba – the island

where Napoleon Bonaparte is exiled.
Dantes says it was the captain's dying wish
that the letter be delivered to a man in Paris

named Noirtier, who is a Bonapartist – someone
who supports Napoleon instead of the king.

But Noirtier's son, Monsieur de Villefort,
gets the letter first.

As a prosecuting attorney, Villefort is a
powerful man and knows that his father would

be imprisoned by the royalists for receiving
such a letter.

Villefort is determined to make both the letter
– and Dantes – disappear.

Dantes has gathered with the crew of the Pharaon
in a tavern to celebrate being named her captain.

But before the announcement can be made, Dantes
is arrested.

Villefort charges him with treason for possessing
a letter from a Bonapartist and orders him

confined to the notorious, inescapable prison
called Chateau d'If.

Dantes is locked into a tiny dungeon cell.
While he is there, his friend Monsieur Morrel
tries to get him out of prison at great risk

to himself; Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo;
King Louis XVIII returns to the throne; and

Dantes's fiancée, Mercedes, is heartbroken,
but Dantes knows nothing of the world outside.

He is just trying to stay alive and sane.
One day Dantes hears a scratching from the

Another prisoner, an old man named Abbe Faria,
is trying to dig out.

Abbe soon becomes Dantes's good friend.
The two dig for many years.
Abbe teaches Dantes history, literature, science,
and languages, and says he knows of a huge

fortune hidden in a cave on a small island
called Monte Cristo.

When Abbe dies, fourteen years after Dantes
was arrested, Dantes hides himself in Abbe's

heavy burial sack and escapes when it's thrown
into the sea.

He is picked up by a smugglers' ship and when
the ship arrives at Monte Cristo, he actually

does find the fabulous treasure Abbe told
him about.

Now extremely wealthy, Dantes begins calling
himself the Count of Monte Cristo.

He has two goals: Reward those who helped
him, and take painful vengeance on those who

harmed him.
He buys his own ship and begins searching
out those responsible for putting him in prison.

The Count begins learning what happened while
he was in Chateau d'If, and finds out he was

framed by enemies who were envious of his
abilities and possessions.

The conspiracy was started by Monsieur Danglars,
who was the purser – the accountant – on

board the Pharaon.
He was simply jealous of the handsome young
man who was better than himself in every way

and who got the captaincy that Danglars wanted.
Danglars wrote the letter – entirely fake
– that Dantes received on the Isle of Elba

and which framed him for treason as a Bonapartist
(a supporter of Napoleon instead of King Louis

Danglars has become rich by stealing and embezzling
from banks and charities.

The second conspirator – the one who actually
sent the letter to the Isle of Elba for Dantes

to eventually receive – was Fernand Mondego.
He was in love with Dantes's fiancée, Mercedes
Herrera, and hoped to marry her himself.

And eventually, he did, for after Dantes was
imprisoned Mercedes lived with Dantes's aging

father and cared for him.
But when the father died, she had nowhere
to go and had little choice but to marry.

Fernand amassed a great fortune out of smuggling,
slavery, and other crimes.

The third conspirator is Gaspard Caderousse,
who helped write the incriminating letter.

He once demanded that Dantes's father immediately
pay a debt in full, even though it left the

aging man with next to nothing.
The final enemy is Monsieur Villefort, whom
Dantes now knows had him falsely accused and

imprisoned for treason.
But now Villefort is Deputy Minister of France,
the most powerful law enforcement office in

the nation.
Villefort is also married and has a daughter,
Valentine, a kind and innocent young woman.

Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo,
begins carrying out his revenge.

For Baron Danglars, the Count orders him kidnapped
and held until he is forced to spend all of

the money he stole and is ruined financially.
For Fernand Mondego, Mercedes is informed
that her husband is actually a traitor and

a criminal.
She finally leaves him and goes to live peacefully
in the home that once belonged to Edmond Dantes'

When Fernand finds that his wife and son have
deserted him, he shoots himself.

For Gaspard Caderousse, who continues to commit
robbery and murder for personal gain and one

night tries to rob the Count's house, the
Count reveals his own true identity just as

Caderousse is killed by an accomplice.
The revenge on Villefort is more complex.
The Count has learned of a past love affair
Villefort had with a woman who later becomes

the Baroness Danglars.
When their illegitimate child was born, Villefort
told her it was stillborn and took it out

to bury it alive – but he was stopped and
the child, Benedetto, survived.

Benedetto grew to be a cruel and criminal
young man.

He destroys Villefort by publically accusing
him of many crimes, including the attempted

murder of his own infant son.
Yet the Count of Monte Cristo does not simply
take cold revenge on his enemies.

He rewards those who have been kind and tried
to helped him.

The Count is able to save Monsieur Morrel's
life and restore his fortune.

He presents his home on the island of Monte
Cristo to Maximillien Morrel, the son of Monsieur

Morrel, even though Maximillien's beloved
is Valentine Villefort – the daughter of

the same Villefort who conspired against him.
Dantes could have taken revenge on the child
of a despised enemy, but instead unselfishly

arranges for the happiness of the son of one
of his greatest friends.

Finished at last with revenge, Edmond Dantes,
the Count of Monte Cristo, leaves on a ship

in search of a new life and is never seen

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671 Folder Collection
劉蜀君 published on October 24, 2018
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