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  • (easy listening music and children playing)

  • - When I was working as a registered nurse,

  • I was also traveling to many different parts of the world.

  • And that's where I realized that these hospitals

  • don't have any medical supplies to take care of patients.

  • And that's really when I said to myself,

  • I'm going to figure this problem out.

  • And that's what I've done.

  • My name is Elizabeth McLellan, and I'm the president

  • and founder of Partners for World Health.

  • Our healthcare system is extremely complicated.

  • There are many federal rules and regulations in our country.

  • And as a result of that, all healthcare centers

  • have to discard medical supplies because they may have been

  • in a patient's room.

  • These are not used medical supplies.

  • They are clean, they are unopened,

  • and could be used in the developing world.

  • I started collecting medical supplies in 2007.

  • And because there was no place to store them

  • in the healthcare facilities, I started to take them home.

  • My cellar filled up from the floor to the ceiling,

  • and it overflowed into the downstairs bathroom

  • until there was just a little path that I could follow.

  • And then, eventually, in September of 2009,

  • I put my money in to rent the first warehouse.

  • And there are so many people that have joined with us

  • on this to keep it going.

  • So it has a life of its own now, which is pretty exciting.

  • (upbeat chamber music)

  • We load the containers with 15 to 18,000 pounds

  • of discarded medical supplies.

  • We collect these discarded supplies now from all over

  • the state of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont,

  • and 15 hospitals in Massachusetts.

  • And we bring them up here to our distribution warehouse

  • where we sort through all of these supplies.

  • We package them, check expiration dates,

  • and we ship the container loads over to different countries

  • in Asia and Africa, the Middle East, all over India

  • and Pakistan, Sri Lanka, et cetera.

  • (soft piano music)

  • After the hurricane in Puerto Rico,

  • we identified that there was a huge need down there.

  • And so we are shipping the fourth container

  • of medical supplies to be distributed in Puerto Rico.

  • (laughter)

  • - We have a model that works, so there's a way to do this.

  • If I can collect one bag of medical supplies,

  • now look what's happened.

  • And so it's important that we recognize that there are

  • so many people in our world that would benefit

  • from these discarded medical supplies.

  • So, that's why I'm doing this.

  • Because it's very important to me that we try to reach out

  • and be committed to something greater than

  • our own self interests and make a difference in our world.

  • (flowing orchestra music)

(easy listening music and children playing)

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She Uses What Hospitals Waste to Save Lives

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