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- Okay, and our last announcement
before the writer's meeting,
we have a fire drill tomorrow.
- Yes.
- Which also means in in addition to the
air drill, water drill, and earth drill we've already done,
we'll have all the drills!
- [Bearded Man] Hey guys!
Knock knock knock.
Just wanted to stop by and say
we'd love to get some more political comedy
on this site - (group groans)
- Just...
- Oh come on!
- No!
- [Man] Why?! - Political comedy?
Are you kidding me?
- Who wants political comedy?
It's just a bunch of socialists
trying to shove their progressive agendas down our throats.
- We hate this agenda shoving shove.
- Leave our agendas unshoved!
- Yeah! - Unshoved!
- [Man With Glasses] I'll tell you
why their making us do more political comedy,
which we hate.
'cause the Mid-Terms.
- What?
- Mid-Terms?
- Mid-Terms?
- [Man With Glasses] Yeah, the Mid-Term Elections
on Tuesday, November 6th.
- Tuesday, November 6th?
- Yes, they're having Mid-Term Elections
on the first Tuesday of November.
Tuesday, November 6th.
- When?
- Tuesday, November 6th.
- What's happening Tuesday, November 6th?
- The Mid-Term Elections where 36 of America's 50 Governors,
87 of America's 99 state legislators,
35 of America's 100 senators,
and all 435 of America's congress people up for election.
- Ugh, god! And we have to write comedy about that?
- Impossible - (man groans)
- Oh! What about this for a comedy pitch!
We set it up by talking about how boring politics are.
Right? (group agrees)
- But then, BOOM! We hit them with the punchline,
which is that due to Gerrymandering, voter suppression,
and the wide-spread purging of voter roles,
we are going to need an overwhelming voter turnout
just to have a chance to flip the house.
- And then someone gets hit in the nards!
(imitates spring reverberating)
(group cheering)
- Okay, so here's an idea:
What about something with graphics?
People love visual comedy these days.
It could be like the states where early voting
is allowed at your polling place.
- Or a graphic that tells you
how to look up your polling place.
- Or a graphic about states that let you vote by mail.
- Ugh!
- Or a graphic of all the places
that allow same day registration.
- Wait, what's registration?
- Oh, you have to register to vote.
- Register to vote?
- Register to vote?
- The Mid-Term Elections are on Tuesday, November 6th?
- I know we all hate political comedy
because it's shoving an agenda,
I think there could be something about
how some places you can register on the same day
and some places you have to register
two weeks in advance.
And some places you have to register
a whole month in advance.
And if you haven't registered,
and you're in one of those places,
you should probably get on it.
- But, wouldn't it be easier to just
register everybody to vote automatically?
- Yes.
That would be extremely easy.
- Ugh! It's useless!
Political comedy is just so dumb and terrible.
Just how it's stupid how people
are being purged from voter roles
at an alarming and historic rate.
Especially people of color!
I wish political comedy was easy, you know?
The way that it's easy to look up
and see online if you too have been purged
from a voter role.
- What if we put someone, like,
in a silly costume with crazy makeup
and we never call it out or address it.
Just goes unmentioned.
And instead, the sketch focuses on, you know,
really exciting candidates.
Like, Beto O'Rourke in Texas,
Stacy Abrams in Georgia,...
(horn honk)
My nards!
- Cool, guinea pigging off of that,
what if we do a sketch I remind people
that they are way more likely to vote
when they go with a buddy.
Like, 'cause they'll plan how and when they're gonna vote.
And that's good because most people work on Tuesdays,
so they need to pre-schedule that.
- Wait, elections aren't considered national holidays?
- They aren't?
- That's crazy!
- That's crazy! - That's crazy!
- That's crazy.
(thunder) - Political comedy!
- My nards
- So, what your saying is I should make a plan
to get to the polls on Election Day,
Tuesday, November 6th?
- Or make a plan for early voting or a mail in ballot.
- And, if you feel like doing more,
you can register two friends who you feel
might need help registering.
- [Man In Plaid] If you're a real superhero,
you can donate your time and your money
to a candidate you're really excited about,
or even drive people to a polling place
if their not able to make it.
Something like that, maybe?
- I think something might be wrong with Brennan's nards.
- Please...somebody...
Tell everyone they have to go vote on November 6th.
- Hi! It's Brennan from College Humor.
All the links we mentioned in the video
are available in the description down here.
If you wanna make sure you're registered to vote,
go check 'em out.
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Ugh, Political Comedy is the Worst

445 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 22, 2018
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