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  • Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite

  • #homecomingfail stories from you guys.

  • This first one's from @StevecarlsonWF.

  • He says, "I nervously asked the girl I liked,

  • 'Do you want to go to homecoming?'

  • When she said yes, I was still so nervous

  • that for some reason, I blurted out, 'Cool. With who?'"

  • "I-I-I'm just doing a survey.

  • I want to know who's going with who."

  • This one's from @boobearmelly.

  • She says, "Nelly's song 'Get Your Eagle On' was playing.

  • I dropped down so low, my pants split down the middle.

  • All my friends had to huddle around me

  • and dance me out of the gym."

  • I mean, that's what friends are for, man.

  • That's what friends are for.

  • This one's from @airmailbird.

  • She says, "My friend's dad rented a limo

  • for him and his homecoming date, but he was also their chauffeur

  • and gave them 'The Talk' on the way there."

  • "When a man and woman love each other..."

  • This one's from @dackjaniels.

  • Nice.

  • Not Jack Daniels. Dack Janiels, man.

  • Dack Janiels. I get it.

  • He says, "I only knew one dance move

  • that I learned from an M.C. Hammer music video,

  • and I danced that one move all night.

  • My date asked if I knew anything else,

  • so I tried an impromptu spin move

  • and accidentally slapped her in the face."

  • This guy's a disaster!

  • Go home. That is a fail.

  • Mr. Janiels

  • This one's from @MCDani9214.

  • She says, "My date really loved the song

  • 'You're Beautiful,' by James Blunt.

  • When it came on, he said he needed to

  • feel this one on his own

  • and went to a corner and danced with himself."

  • -"You're Beautiful"? -What?

  • You're beautiful

  • Can I be blunt?

  • This one's from @burninglegacies.

  • She says, "Our homecoming had a low budget,

  • so we got an elderly deejay who played songs off YouYube.

  • We spent half the dance waiting for ads to be over."

  • "I like this Geico ad."

  • "Pretty good."

  • "Hold on a second."

  • This last one's from @VIPrice.

  • He says, "My mom chaperoned our homecoming.

  • She showed up a little tipsy and ended up

  • leading the whole school in doing the 'Thriller' dance."

  • There you have it.

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Now I thought I'd share some of my favorite

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