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  • We're bringing you a round-up of Five Types of Japanese Stationery That You Didn't Know You Needed.

  • This is part one of a four-part video series, so make sure you're subscribed to see the next video.

  • Let's dive right in!

  • In this video, we'll be going through the following categories, starting with Staplers & Binder Clips.

  • First up on our list is the Kokuyo Harinacs Stapleless Stapler.

  • Its cleverly designed blade punches out and tucks an arrow shaped flap through a slit to stitch paper sheets together without ever using a staple.

  • It's eco-friendly too, since you'll never have to refill another staple in your life.

  • Featuring handles that fold ingeniously to the side.

  • These Velos Binder Clips don't get in the way when you're flipping through your documents.

  • Seriously, why aren't all binder clips made like this?

  • They come in small, medium, and large, with the large size holding up to ninety sheets of paper.

  • Magnets & Push Pins.

  • Despite their deceptively small size, H Concept's Pinwheel Magnets are incredibly strong.

  • They can hold several sheets of paper with ease.

  • But that's not the only reason they made our list.

  • Their charming design is sure to put a smile on your face.

  • We could spend hours blowing on those cute pinwheels.

  • Have you ever seen a push pin like the Kokuyo Punyo Punyo?

  • They have a band of soft silicone around the sharp end that protects your hands when the pins aren't being used.

  • Now that's a thoughtful extra little detail!

  • To use them, simply push the pin through the silicone, which will flatten as you stick it into the desired surface.

  • Reading Accessories.

  • The Kokuyo Fingertip Protector may seem like a little bit much, but the five star reviews on say it all.

  • These are a godsend if you do a lot of reading.

  • Their rubber texture makes them especially good for flipping through slippery magazines or textbook pages.

  • Plus, your fingers are protected from those pesky paper cuts.

  • The cheerful RayMay Light Man is a fun and flexible companion that comes with a magnifying glass and an LED light.

  • Great for camping trips or late-night reading.

  • He can be posed to hold phones, glasses, and other objects.

  • He even comes with magnets in his feet to help him stand securely.

  • Page Markers & Sticky Notes.

  • We can't get enough of the Beverly Kokosasu Page Markers.

  • And not just because they're cute!

  • Have you ever bookmarked a page, only to go back and not remember what exactly you were interested in?

  • These innovative page markers solve this problem.

  • Simply stick them on the exact location you want to mark, then tear off the longer section and use it as a page flag.

  • That way when you flip back to the page, you can immediately locate the exact spot you were looking for.

  • Another great study tool, the Sun-Star Piri-it Page Markers

  • Make it easy for you to keep track of your progress.

  • They start out with one expression, then change to another when you tear off the perforated top.

  • You can go from "Look!" to "OK!", a question mark to an exclamation point, or a confused face to an enlightened face.

  • How genius is that?

  • While these Kokuyo Tack Memo Sticky Notes may look like ordinary sticky notes, they're actually much more versatile!

  • The adhesive covers more than half of the back of the sticky notes, so they won't move around.

  • But they're still easy to remove and re-stick.

  • You can even use them as index tabs, or use them to make movable entries in your planner.

  • Writing Instruments.

  • At first glance, the Uni Color 3 looks like a multi-pen when in fact, it's a multi-pencil.

  • It comes with three different colored leads inside, and when you use them up, you can refill it with the colored lead of your choice.

  • The Color 3 comes with Nano Dia color lead, which we like because it erases cleanly.

  • Yes, it's really supposed to look like that.

  • The Kokuyo Beetle Tip Highlighter has an interesting tip shape that's actually quite versatile.

  • You can create fine lines, broad lines, and double lines depending on the way you hold the tip.

  • Pretty cool, right?

  • Last but not least, the Ohto Minimo is possibly the world's slimmest ballpoint pen.

  • The plastic card that's included comes with a pen sleeve, so you can easily slip it into your planner, notebook, or wallet.

  • Its 0.5 mm needle-tip writes smoothly with a dark black ink.

  • We've barely scratched the surface on what Japanese stationery has to offer.

  • Check out for more unique stationery items from Japan and beyond.

  • Part two is coming soon, so make sure you're subscribed.

  • Thanks for watching!

We're bringing you a round-up of Five Types of Japanese Stationery That You Didn't Know You Needed.

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5 Types of Japanese Stationery You Didn't Know You Needed

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