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  • What about Mr. Bean? Have you drawn a line under him? No more Mr. Bean?

  • Ugh... You know, I doubt that he will reappear but um, but you never know you must never...

  • The people have spoken

  • Yeah, quite quiet.

  • But you know, you must never say never again. Film, as Jeff mentioned.

  • So you must never say never. But I... you know you

  • There does come a point when you feel as though you've done the most of what you want to do with it

  • And because it's not based on language because it's so physical, Mr. Bean it's simply it's popular everywhere.

  • Yeah, it is it has what we might call the global outreach. So are holidays a misery? Can you go anywhere?

  • Ugh... I can't go to many places where you'll not recognize.

  • And um,

  • it's the ,um, yeah, the thing I find most tricky is when people don't

  • recognize you particularly but half recognize you, you know, that strange thing where they go

  • Is that? Because it means they stare. They stare a lot and they just look.

  • Feeling I wish that person wouldn't stare at me so, you know, I'd rather just you know, hold the flag saying yes.

  • Yes, it's me.

  • A few years ago there was I was in a Land Rover parts department near Peterborough, the kind of place you find me almost. Yes.

  • And

  • I would wait for car parts, and car parts you guys hang around a lot because

  • you know to get a part, the guy has to go half a mile to the back of the warehouse, and then come back again.

  • And he brings it back and he says this is this is a left-hand one. Oh you wanted a right-hand one. Sorry. I'll go.

  • It takes forever. Anyway, I was standing around with with a group of guys and I could see this guy doing that

  • And he came up to me after a while then he said, excuse me, I don't know I never told you,

  • but you're the absolute

  • spitting image of that Mr. Bean.

  • And I said well, actually, I am the actor who plays Mr. Bean. And he said

  • I bet you wish you were.

  • And the full of this bizarre conversation in which the more I tried to claim that I was the person

  • whom he thought I merely resembled. And at last he believed me.

  • But what was funny was how, was how close he thought I was?

  • He said "The resemblance is uncanny."

  • "Have you ever thought of doing any you know look-alike work?

  • You're known as Mr. Bean." I said no, but he said,"cuz' you could make an absolute fortune."

  • And I could tell after a while I had to bring the conversation to a close because

  • clearly not only was he not believing me, but he was getting quite annoying.

  • I was pursuing this line that I am Rowan Atkinson when and clearly he thought I was this total ass who just happens to

  • look a bit like Mr. Bean, goes around the country as he claiming to be Mr. Bean.

What about Mr. Bean? Have you drawn a line under him? No more Mr. Bean?

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