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  • (Marc Martinez) It is time for tonight's talkers

  • (John Hook) Yes. First up...

  • A radical experiment is getting underway this month, in Finland

  • Finland will give you -- well, 2,000 of its citizens

  • A guaranteed income that will keep flowing, whether or not they work

  • Participants were randomly selected

  • They're going to get $587 a month

  • The idea is that a universal income offers people greater security

  • The Finnish Government thinks this will be cheaper than paying out welfare

  • They also think it will push people, actually, to look for jobs

  • Because they don't have to worry about losing unemployment benefits

  • (Marc Martinez) Well... (John Hook laughs)

  • (Marc Martinez) I mean, who wouldn't want some free money?

  • (John Hook) Yeah (Marc Martinez) But, uh...

  • (John Hook) Well, how does the government keep doing that and cutting checks

  • If people are just kind of on the dole, when they're not...

  • (Marc Martinez) 'Cause on the flip side to what they're saying, if you're getting money for not doing anything

  • What's the incentive to actually go do something?

  • (John Hook) That was my question exactly

  • Well, we're gonna see how this works out in Finland

(Marc Martinez) It is time for tonight's talkers

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