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  • Translator: Michele Gianella Reviewer: Ellen Maloney

  • Basic income is in the news,

  • often called UBI, Universal - or unconditional - Basic Income.

  • Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are promoting it.

  • Keith Ellison, vice chair of the Democratic Party,

  • has endorsed it.

  • Hillary Clinton mentions it in her latest book.

  • Pilot projects are underway or about to begin

  • in Oakland and Stockton, California,

  • and underway in Finland, Holland, Canada and Kenya.

  • The idea is to set some amount, say $1,000 a month,

  • and provide that to every adult citizen.

  • The same amount for everyone.

  • Funds would come from cutting programs that become superfluous.

  • I've been a basic income activist for more than 30 years.

  • And I find that this idea can attract, excite, and unite

  • Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans

  • and people who are normally apolitical or anti-political.

  • We can end hunger, homelessness and extreme poverty,

  • and make real rapid progress

  • on health care, education, immigration and so on.

  • Consider climate change.

  • Economists and environmentalists

  • and politicians from the left and the right

  • endorse the idea of tax and dividend.

  • This plan puts the dividend first

  • and will likely lead to a consensus on tax reform.

  • This idea is not new.

  • In fact, it goes back to the America's founders:

  • Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and others.

  • In order to truly secure our inalienable rights

  • to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,

  • basic income is imperative.

  • Life requires food and shelter at least.

  • Without an income,

  • liberty is precarious and happiness elusive.

  • A majority of Americans supported related ideas in the 1960s.

  • The House of Representatives

  • passed a bill to provide a guaranteed income for families

  • by a vote of two to one,

  • but the Senate then blocked it.

  • Alaskans already have a small basic income,

  • the Permanent Fund dividend,

  • and I recently met with a state senator from Alaska

  • who's looking at ways to expand it.

  • Hawaii now has a law

  • declaring that every family is entitled to financial security,

  • and they've launched a task force for basic income.

  • One of the proponents in the 1960s was Martin Luther King.

  • He had a dream, and we can make it come true.

  • I believe that we can have a peaceful democratic revolution

  • within the next three to five years.

  • You can play a leading role.

  • Let's make history.

  • Thank you.

  • (Applause)

Translator: Michele Gianella Reviewer: Ellen Maloney

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