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Hi, Bob the Canadian here.
In the event that you have an English conversation with someone.
You want to be ready.
In this video, I'm going to talk about how to make a plan to have a great English conversation.
When you have the opportunity to speak English with someone, you want two things to happen:
You want to learn something and practice your English, but you also want the other person to have an enjoyable conversation.
Let's look at how to plan to have a conversation so that everyone enjoys what is being talked about, but you also have an opportunity to improve your English.
I often recommend to my language learning students to be ready to talk about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
This is an effective plan for an English conversation because it's going to allow you to practice talking about the past, and using past tenses, talking about the present, and using the present tense, and talking about the future, and using the future tenses.
So let's look at some questions that you could ask for the past, the present, and the future.
When you're talking about the past, you could ask questions like:
Did you do anything fun last night?
Did you enjoy your weekend?
How was your morning?
How was your day?
All of these questions allow you to practice the past tense in a real conversation, but also allow you to hear someone else use these tenses correctly.
And both of these things just really go a long way to improving your English.
Let's look at some questions you could ask about the present.
You could ask questions like:
How is your day going?
How is your meal?
Are you enjoying this music?
Are you enjoying this weather?
Those are all great questions to use when talking about the present.
The last question about the weather is kind of a safe question.
If you ever don't know what to ask in an English conversation, it's a great idea to just start talking about the weather.
The last part of this plan is to be ready to ask questions about the future.
You could ask questions like:
Do you have any plans for tonight?
Are you going to see a movie later today?
Are you doing anything exciting this weekend?
Is your family going on vacation next summer?
All of those questions once again make you practice talking about the future, and at the same time, when the other person answers, you will hear proper usage of sentences talking about the future.
It's always nice to have a plan so that the conversation doesn't kind of just stop, so the conversation has good flow, and so the conversation is enjoyable by both people who are participating.
Remember, when you have the opportunity to have an English conversation you want to make the most of it.
You want it last as long as possible.
And the best way to do that is to ask questions and be interested in the person you are talking to so that they also enjoy the conversation.
Well that's a plan that you can put in place so that you are ready to have an English conversation.
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
I hope you enjoyed this video lesson.
If you haven't yet subscribed to my channel, please hit the subscribe button down below.
I hope you have a great day.
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How to Plan for Great English Conversations #1

1066 Folder Collection
Samuel published on October 18, 2018
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