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Hi Bob the Canadian here.
Let's talk about noses.
Everyone has one.
Mine's a little bit bigger than most.
Hi Bob the Canadian here.
Today I wanted to talk a little bit about those little things that you can say to help you during an English conversation.
So let's say you're having a conversation with someone and they're talking about something that you find interesting.
A neat way to make the conversation flow better is to say things like: That's neat.
That's cool.
That's interesting.
And if you need some time to think you can even stretch it out and say things like: I find that interesting.
I find that pretty neat.
I find that fascinating.
Another suggestion to help conversation with English speakers go better is to simply ask them questions.
People love talking about themselves.
So if you can ask questions like: How many times did you do it?
How long were you gone for?
Did you enjoy yourself?
Or...describe that to me a bit.
It sounds fascinating.
Which leads me to the last example.
You can combine the two.
So you'll want to get comfortable saying things like: That's neat.
I find that fascinating.
How long were you gone for?
That's really interesting.
So you like camping?
I find that pretty neat.
I've always wanted to do that.
Was it hard to get started?
Bob the Canadian here.
Learn English with Bob the Canadian.
I'm really enjoying making these videos for you and I hope you're enjoying watching them.
Please subscribe below to my channel.
I'm trying to make a video at least once a week.
Sometimes more.
And it's my job to help you learn English.
Have a great day.
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How to Have Enjoyable English Conversations

6393 Folder Collection
Samuel published on July 24, 2018    Ruby Lee translated    Evangeline reviewed
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