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  • Hi everybody! I'm Tom from BBC Learning English.

  • People often confuse the words specially and especially.

  • Today, I'm gonna tell you the difference.

  • Both of these words are adverbs.

  • Especially means 'in particular' or 'most of all.'

  • For example:

  • I like food, but I especially like sandwiches.

  • This means that I particularly like sandwiches.

  • They're my favourite kind of food.

  • Specially, however, has a different meaning.

  • Specially means 'for a particular purpose' or 'in a particular way'.

  • So, this sandwich was specially made.

  • Dan made a special sandwich just for me.

  • Thank you, Dan!

Hi everybody! I'm Tom from BBC Learning English.

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Especially vs specially: English In A Minute

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