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Zdravstvuyte means Hello! in Russian
This Video is for first time air travelers
On this channel many people have expressed their hesitation when it comes to air travel
So in this video I tried to answer all those concerns
For example - Airport procedures, Security check etc
I shot this video while coming to Russia from Delhi
watch and share your thoughts about the video
I am here at IGI terminal 3
Its 9.30 PM and I have catch Air Astna flight
I am looking for check in counter of Air Astana
can you please tell me where is Air Astana check in counter?
you can go to information desk there
There is an information desk
You can take any information from information desk when in confusion
She has advised me to go to counter number C
I also have to check about self check in
Self Check in helps to skip the queues if you don't have check in baggage
Me - Are there any self check in kiosk here?
Information desk executive - not for all the airlines
Me - Is there any for Air Astana?
Executive - You can check by going to Self check in Kiosks
While coming from Kolkata to here in Delhi
I had done self check in
I skipped the queue and they did not weigh my luggage as well
Behind me there is one entry gate
Here you need to show your air ticket and ID proof
These two things are a must for entering the Airport
If you are travelling internationally - you must present your passport with tickets
For Domestic you can show voter ID, Aadhar card, Driving license etc. Pan card is not accepted
After entering you must go to your airlines' counter
These are categorized alphabetically
On these counters you get your boarding pass
You can check in you bags here as well
Check in baggage is carried in the aircraft's storage section
You will get one tag for luggage on Boarding pass
After this you will have to proceed for Security check
Frisking and cabin bag checking will happen during security check
That is C counter, where I have to go
Oh! I had to go to self check in kiosk
If I do a self check in in then I don't have to go to check in counter
You only have to come here if you have to check in your baggage
I don't see Air Astana check in option here
They have not yet started the check in process. It will start in 30 mins
These are my boarding passes
Now I will go for security check
This is our Capital's airport T3
I really like it, its very beautiful
For Domestic travel you have to enter from here
International travelers will have to enter from there
Now I am going for immigration
Immigration line is very long
It has been 30 mins now
And this immigration process is only for international travel nor for Domestic
Usually its not permissible to shoot here however, I have taken permission
They said - don't shoot us but yourself only
I am done with my security check
I am not going towards my gate
These are duty free shops
You get many things here and these are tax exempted
I am shooting these videos using FEiYU TECH WG2 Gimble
Now videos are more stable due to this Gimble
I am filling my water bottle from here
It is a huge airport, always reach before time
Sometimes immigration line is very long and takes a lot of time
Specially Delhi airport has long queues for Immigration
Always come 2-3 hours prior
You can use these recliner chairs to rest
If you are planning to sleep, always sleep near your gate
Also tell your airlines staff, so that they can inform you before boarding
Keep watching my videos
In coming videos I will share the information about gadgets I use
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NEW DELHI AIRPORT TERMINAL-3 (2017) : Check in, Immigration, Security, Duty free (ON CAMERA)

211 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on October 15, 2018
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