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♪ Is this the real life ♪
- So, Rami, your transformation into Freddie
for the film is pretty spot on.
What was it like looking in the mirror
and seeing Freddie Mercury staring back at you?
- Well, I don't think I ever really
saw Freddie Mercury staring back at me,
that would be quite freaky and chilling.
(everyone laughs)
It was great to get to do my best to emulate him.
And I hope I got close enough,
and I think when you see the film,
I hope people can see that I tried
my damn best to get as close as possible.
But yeah, I mean, getting the mustache
and putting some extra large teeth in my mouth
and all of the incredible costumes
was something that in and of itself is transformative.
I enjoyed the show.
I also, I write songs.
- Our lead singer just quit.
- Then you'll need someone new.
- Well, and for the rest of you,
performing in a scene with not Freddie Mercury
but something that looks damn close,
I mean, what was that like?
- The whole thing's utterly surreal.
I still find it surreal when I kind of say,
yeah, I'm Gwilym and I played Brian May.
It's just--
- [Interviewer] Well, and you had
quite the transformation too.
I don't think most people would recognize you.
- No, no, without the full mane of hair, yeah.
I'm half the man I used to be without that.
I miss it, I miss it dearly.
It was a blast, it's a blast, like--
- But it's funny, but then you get so used to it.
You get so used to seeing him with the massive curls
and like the mustache and everything that then, I dunno,
when you lose that it's more of a shock.
To see them day to day is now more of a shock.
It's like, what is--
- There would be days at the end of a shooting day where
crew would be like, I'd say, "Hey thanks for a good day!"
And they'd be like, "Who are you?"
- Get off the set, somebody call security.
- Roger, there's only room in this band
for one hysterical queen.
- What are you guys most excited
for audiences to see in November, about the film?
- I think Live Aid's pretty awesome.
I think that's quite a kind of
great moment, a joyous moment at the end of the film,
hopefully the audiences will be leaving kind of uplifted.
- You know, what's really cool about the film
is that each song is the score for the film,
so it underscores everything that's happening.
So you get songs like We Will Rock You,
We Are the Champions, Under Pressure,
and those are very climactic moment in the film.
And when you have music that is so timeless,
I just hope that people feel they saw a timeless film.
- What did you learn about Freddie
while you were making the film?
- Like any human being,
how many different sides to them there are.
The Freddie that you see in music videos
or in interviews is just one aspect of him,
and getting a chance to discover his vulnerability
and a very complicated search for identity
was pretty fascinating for me.
- [Reporter] Freddie, concerning your private life.
- What more do you need to know?
I make music.
- [Interviewer] What was the most difficult thing
about getting the film made?
- Getting Hollywood to believe in this story,
that an audience would show up for this story.
A lot of people don't know that Freddie
had a relationship and was engaged
to Mary Austin before coming out.
They don't know about his life,
they don't even know he was born in Zanzibar
and raised in Mumbai.
A young immigrant coming to a country
and becoming Freddie Mercury,
that's very accessible and relative today.
It really is a celebration of his life.
(audience clapping to "We Will Rock You")
(audience cheering)
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Bohemian Rhapsody Cast Talks the Upcoming Freddie Mercury Biopic

80 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on October 15, 2018
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