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Gentlemen, it's good to see you both again
Like wise, you know athletes sometimes they'll go back and watch film from like previous games and things
But they can work on or do I'm just curious and I asked this question
Did you go back and study the 1973 classic just to get ready for it?
You've made this your own and we'll get to that in a second. But I'm curious if you go back and watch that
We, I think we both intentionally stayed away from it initially
We wanted to go back to the source material of this true story based on a very successful
memoir and there were a couple of other pieces of incredible source material that we we referenced and then about
Three or four weeks into it
we spent most evenings together looking at the stuff for the next day or the week coming and
We decided we'd sit down and watch the film together
which was exciting it was a little bit of a you know, a little bit of a
you know, I can't think of the
adaptation of the swear word that I was going to use the
But it was a master that heads a little bit or at least it did mine
But yeah, you said it didn't mitigate any of our fears bang. Yeah, any means right? It was fun
I mean, well what I think we were also trying to
gauge is the levity in that film and how weak because ours is it's pretty brutal version of
circumstances and
you can I don't think you could go through that without seeing how that
Camaraderie exists through having a some comic undertones. What are some of the other challenges?
I know most actors when they take on some roles. They work out. I think you guys work down you starved yourselves
It looks like you know as the movie progresses, but what were some of the other challenges?
Charlie's starved and I just had a hard time eating in front of him because it just
He was gonna punch me at one point if I if I had something nice and tasty
Oh, yeah, man you really you
you know the way the conditions were on occasion quite difficult particularly that
Long escape sequence that we did in the evening. We shot it all night
And you know, it's rain coming off coming down and we shot it in late
November I believe or maybe early November in
Montenegro and it was in the mountains and it was very very cold and that water was incredibly
cold and it was the end of the shooting
We were already tired and you know malnourished and so I remember those nights being particularly long. What is it?
What does it like to play?
real people and you're actually getting ready to take on a huge role of Freddie Mercury, of course, but I mean these guys existed and
What do you feel as actors? How challenging is that? How different is that for an actor to play somebody that is real?
Well, it's
You have to honor their story in a way that you perhaps don't have the same
creative liberties
at times because you know, there is
Yeah, there's a loyalty you have to have to this person. You're telling their story
I mean and that's you know that one last vestige of
Who they are.
Bring back to an audience. So you have to with with care and consideration
You have to be very very thoughtful. That's someone's legacy
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Charlie Hunnam Starves for PAPILLON, Almost Punches Rami Malek on Set

37 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on October 14, 2018
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