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  • [Tom] They left me with the suit, so naturally,

  • I was like, "Do you guys wanna try it on?"

  • There's a video on my

  • (Theme music plays)

  • [Kjersti] How are you? Are you jet-lagged? Where did you come from?

  • [Tom] I came from Shanghai , uh, yesterday

  • [Benedict] I came from... London yesterday. [Tom] I don't know when.

  • [Kjersti] Oh, wow.

  • [Benedict] More him than me, I think.

  • [Benedict] You must be so... [Kjersti] How do you deal with jet lags by the way? Are you okay with that?

  • [Benedict] I sleep a lot. That's what I do.

  • [Tom] I used to be so good at dealing with jet lag, and it's now like...

  • Really– I'm finding it so difficult.

  • Like right now?

  • Sleeping is just the most attractive thing right now, I just

  • [Kjersti] That's a good start.

  • [Benedict] Sorry, yes. Wide awake for your interview, sorry.

  • [Kjersti] So I've been talking to the other guys about all the odors.

  • Because wearing these costumes, not right now, but wearing these costumes.

  • [Kjersti] That you had to wear. [Tom] The odors!

  • [Kjersti] Yes!

  • [Tom] I thought I heard you wrong. I thought you said "orders" and I was like, "There's no way she said odors."

  • and then you smirked so I was like, "Maybe she did." Sorry, okay, continue.

  • [Benedict] Body odors. Yeah, it's a– it's a thing.

  • [Kjersti] Yes, because that you're wearing the same costume during, like...

  • [Benedict] We have this amazing thing called laundry.

  • It's this gift from wardrobe, and they take care of us not smelling too much like we smelt the day before.

  • [Tom] And we have duplicates. [Benedict] We do have duplicates.

  • [Tom] We have lots of duplicates, [Benedict] Yeah, especially for stunt scenes.

  • [Tom] So I had lots of different Spider-Man suits I could change in and out of.

  • [Benedict] Exactly. So it's not too unhygienic or disgusting for those around us, or so we hope.

  • [Benedict] And we washwe wash, you know. We try to look after our own cleanliness.

  • [Kjersti] That's good. So did you ever try on other costumes than your own?

  • [Benedict] Nope. [Tom] I tried on some of your stuff. I tried on the eye of Agamotto.

  • [Benedict] You can't even say it right.

  • [Tom] Eye of Agamotto. [Benedict] Disgraceful. If I'd known. If I'd known.

  • [Tom] Eye of... Oogamotto.

  • [Benedict] *speaks gibberish* I... didn't try any of your stuff on.

  • [Benedict] I might have tried some other things on, but I can't say [Tom] Wouldn't fit. Too small.

  • [Tom] I tried to put my brother in the Spider-Man costume and it fit, but it was a bit baggy

  • and then I tried to put my friend in it, and he couldn't– we couldn't do it up because he was too big.

  • [Kjersti] How many do you have at home then?

  • [Tom] I don't have them at home, we were flying to...

  • somewhere on the press tour for Spider-Man one

  • and I was wearing this costume onto the plane for some reason and...

  • [Kjersti] You were on the plane while you were flying?

  • [Tom] It was a private plane. It was because I came straight from a Children's Hospital,

  • and we had to get to the next place, [Benedict] That's amazing.

  • and they left me with the suit so naturally, I was like, "Do you guys wanna try it on?"

  • There's a video on my Instagram of them trying it on, it's really funny.

  • A dress-up situation and see if Harry and Harrison can fit in the suit.

  • [Kjersti] Being a part of something so big, the fans are just like, they're going crazy

  • And you've been all around the world already. [Benedict] Yeah.

  • What is it like meeting the fans?

  • Is it kind of a little bit scary sometimes? Because people are so dedicated to this.

  • [Benedict] Marvel has the best fans. [Tom] Yeah, they're great!

  • [Benedict] And it's just, they're so committed and enthusiastic,

  • and it's pretty benign to be honest. I mean yes, it whips up a frenzy, but

  • [Benedict] It's just remarkable to see that commitment. [Tom] It's awesome to see how global it is too.

  • You know, I mean all of us

  • As a collective sort of team of actors have travelled the world the last few weeks to go and visit

  • Different places to promote the movie, and wherever we go there's always a great turnout and the fans are so passionate

  • Regardless of where we are in the world, so it's amazing

  • How worldwide this franchise is and how loved it is.

  • And it's a real privilege to be able to bring something that people regard so highly.

  • [Benedict] That's that widely loved. [Tom] Yeah, it just reallyit's a really cool thing to be able to do.

  • [Kjersti] You have to take a lot of selfies.

  • [Benedict] A few, no, not a crazy amount. I mean you know you wish you could give more back, because they've often stood there

  • [Benedict] For days and nights, you know, and you're on to the next thing

  • It's a never stopping, neveryou know as you know from interviews being cut short

  • it's just it goes on and on very very fast and it's

  • It's– but it's lovely to be able to give a bit back and acknowledge

  • What they go to in order to be there and be a part of it.

  • [Tom] Thank you. [Kjersti] Thank you, guys.

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[Tom] They left me with the suit, so naturally,

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Tom Holland Lets His Friends Try On The Spider-Man suit (+ Cumberbatch Avengers Infinity War)

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