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one of the great things tom of course about
writing about Theatre in London as I do is seeing the sorta
beginnings the people's careers and their careers developing all sorts of
as jurors obviously has but it seems like most British actors begin
you're pretty much most that the major ones I'm
and then they do it don't go on to cinema when you work in the theater
early on what did you think about a film career to date seem totally remote
or you always buying your teacher had some a/c
gosh I'm it's so hard to
retroactively go back
I went to drama school ready to train to be a theater actor
because I knew that that drama school really gave you tools
four states Croft that you needed I thought
am and it gave you a kind of physical
rigor and professionalism in the way of attacking
different texts and characters in and methodologies and I wanted seven mas
myself n
learning accents and states fighting
and see everything from 6 p-8 a Miller to Tennessee Williams
ways wonderful am kinda the weather theater in
when I started in the theater seem very remote this movie world seem like you
have to get
is like being picked to play for Manchester United or Real Madrid
possible you know like am it and it seemed very
you know I would I would be in productions
like the ones you saw I'm at the Donmar or whatever and
and I don't listen for films and he was a great audition
not this time my god okay and
and i actually I had a I started making a list I wanted to say to make a list of
Directors I'm excited to get them from it man
and I had stopped making the list and because I
would never pick an effect have and
people would always call my agent and say you know tom's
terrific a whose is like became same in the play
I'm there was always this question to finance and funding needed
you know it just seems I was like well forget it am it's never gonna happen
and then I kind of am Spurs I kinda broke my own rules a bit
and I became fascinated by I was very lucky in the theater to work with them
very established film names I suppose
I worked with them Ewan McGregor and two Italian
as your foreign a feller and then I at on television thing with that dainty
and them obviously with kenneth browner and and
I found their stories are quite interesting
and based they kinda demystified the whole thing for me
they they serve said I don't listen to what they tell you know it's nonsense
you know
am and there was a received wisdom said in my generation
that to go to America and try and stop
the film career was you had to go off the back at some enormous home-grown
success like
I'm ice like UN in Trainspotting
for example so where so that's the I was signed by
am an agent in Los Angeles who came to see a fellow
and that never happens and LA agent comes to see
shakespeare and goes that like it looks good okay
and I
and I said it took upon and when I was a LAN
and and just when with an open mind and an open heart and
them I got lucky I and distressed me of course
low-key does have a theatrical thread because Thor was directed
by somebody with who YouTube peered on-screen many times
and actually on stage yeah kinda brenna
and your wonderful performance in circle serve on a from the west and
when you were doing play with with can
was he sort of taking backstage going actually the school blockbuster public
shut quite like you to do when you finish this China staff truly truly
when when it was announced that he was directing the film
in the interval I run up to his dressing room
with an enormous empty water cooler
I'm pretending it was for
the hammer of Thor he in costume
aunts hair and you got the job right yeah I brought it because it was so in
my own mind it was so
outrageously I'm on available
you know it was just not gonna there was no way I was going to be considered
and then so happened I was talking to my
LA agent to see me a fellow it off to them
and I was in Los Angeles kinda nearly around just seducing
was there and he was that to any guy said he asked me to come in addition
for the role offshore because at that time
i misses an amazing character anyway because
it's like on one level Chris Hemsworth you end up getting and who is
monumental in the rock have to say and his dear friend
so this absolutely no bad blood between the two he p.m.
requires such physical stature but also requires a great actor
who can go from arrogance to phone ability to
am but you can also sell the action a big blockbuster in
you know and so they were really didn't know
what they wanted so they were looking at everybody and damn
I was over six for and blonde so I passed muster there
and I'll addition and eventually said got down to the wire in the produces
said night skies kinda so right
like should put him in the film somewhere in and you I said say
publicly I'm pleased to be able to say I'm
that I II kenneth browner an enormous
desecrated just sigh I'm so much because
because the businesses so often
but thats I did it that the big movie business not the art
not the peeps at the creative people but that the people with the
dollars this so scared investing in something that's you know I'm not gonna
work in
and M and can was able to say to
produces on a film the cost a lot of money Tom
well bike he's got it don't worry im
and and and to do that it's just an amazing thing to do for young actor like
everyone needs a break and like I've said they were many many
people there's a long list of people who didn't give it to me and I ever started
to think that it
you know it was kinda gonna happen person had a completely different
physical transformation to do
the for sequencing your currently shooting the third one
in the series its for I'm so proud to be in that film
because that's part of me I think this pop art have any actor
with basically still a five-year-old child and am
I E grew up watching things like Christopher Reeve as Superman
and them Harrison Ford in indiana Jones and
and in app superheroes its biggest its toilets
it's a toy box and and I'm
I love playing that character because
he's actually really complex for
a super here for this a supervillain and II
part of the appeal is is is is to do with the
physical transformation because I've never wanted to be in that kinda threads
into what we were saying about Britishness
I've never wanted to be boxed in by
by it a type of character that I always play
I find I would get I would term
I just would find it very am interesting and I don't think anyone else would
and part of the reason I'm an actor is I'm interested in
indifferent shades of the truth
indifferent parts have life and how quite often
am where like the human race each is bound together by
by a certain unity in things and and
acting in whatever you're in is about excavating
the things that make us all the same birth death
love grief loss loneliness
gratitude generosity humor solitude I'm
and all those things exists in every
in every story anytime and anyplace
and that's the joy for me sorry and
a joint for me if of of playing different people from different times
in different costumes at different hair color and
you know and different shades is that whether it's the DPC
or ivanoff or I'm the Avengers
ago still kinda digging around in
humanity and the fun stuff
is that United fences I'm you get to
fly through the air and and and be
beaten almost to a pulp by The Incredible Hulk
would say not many accident and does not match oh yeah exactly what happened in
Sec off and I'll update you know I
it I loved the fact that time I love the taking this picture
I mean I'm your am I've got blonde hair I was born in London
and I you know it was never in my wildest dreams thought that I would be
the Norse god of mischief I'm
come down to I'm to
tyrannized the human race and takeover
the planet and and because I've got some
you know daddy issues hits
and some brother issues and Sam
and i were quite thrown you know and
you know but also in the in a film like that which is
which is so beautifully tied together actually it's as you very tightly
and it's very entertaining very funny I got to work with people like
Robert Downey junior and and somehow Jackson
know it's a great casa people out for look
me what pic you shape it he said what Meyer to be longer shorter
more you know breast plate boots how do you get to the look
well I'm I'm starting to I had a long time initially before the first or film
I simply started with the great thing about the character is actually ancient
he is possible Norse mythology which goes back
s as far if not for that and the greco-roman
quality and your care look at turns up in Scandinavian Mets
everywhere he was like am Diane I sizzle backers he was
he was the spirit who am
people were afraid of you know he was the monster the parents
told their children about tonight's am
and he after four sorry for
have he heat but it's fascinating you read the Norse myths and you realize
that there's actually a huge amount if
if material there and then what Stan Lee and Jack Kirby did when they started
drawing the Marvel Comics in the sixties
is that when invented for and low key in Odin
they borrowing and very honestly kind of
stealing from I'm this this
pantheon of Norse gods and then so I read all the comics &
and it starts off being much sillier than
than them even i'd I dyed it in in the first runs the comics low-key comes down
anytime the whole street ive
cars in New York and ice cream I'm because he thinks it's funny
and it is kinda its I have
and any changes that you know he looks very much like a comic book character
and so there was a thing of trying to be true to the look at the comic book
because that's what we're doing is we're giving
you never making a film of a comic but also trying to make its
palatable to a regular film going audience
he just like movies and and but making it a real story about
January about father and two sons and something that people could connect to
am so can I talked about this experience references
fathers and sons and brothers and units shot through with
with all that stuff and then in terms of creating the look we we just talked
about it and said
know how do we make something that's both Rico
and kind if am
athletic and am
so that majestic and also dock
and but also practical you know cuz you have to get through the day and
and and fighting it so has to move so it's a very complicated
said it's an aria and then as the americans have this work which i think
is kinda untranslatable
which is badass for him to
he's a bad as badass as a ESO like and says Saunders you've been a
the model produces a great cuz they go you know Tom Conti want what you look
like maybe a movie we want you to be able to comment
you basically what you look awesome and badass
you go okay and then he said experiments and it's like it's almost like a mosque
it's like
like any character you need a mosque through which to
project that particular truth locus truth is one of
I'm insanity and deranged
evil am antes you know
her sons lost and lonely but it but
dying my hair black in sort of painting my face in the way
it gives me some months ago after two hours of sitting in makeup and going to
cost you
you look in the mirror and you're completely different check
am and it you know it's it's kind event is your back in this world of course
for for the next installment yeah do you wanna wet
the audience's appetite which is too little bit of where the journey takes us
I A wants to tell you but
I would have you'd have to be shot yeah I would have to carry or
I'm which are so lucky would love to do for I
that was his house have and no
I Descon I can't say anything my hands are tied they're probably snipers
hired by Mark I for mmm
mmm them
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Tom Hiddleston | Interview | TimesTalks Madrid

133 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on October 13, 2018
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