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What happened to you? Did you lose a fight or something?
But you don't seem the fighting type.
Did you get bullied?
You wanna try this? It's fun.
So these fifty cards together make up a Vanguard deck.
Let's do this!
You learn better by doing!
Come on! There's nothing to be afraid of.
I n-need to get home soon...
Is it that late already?
Wait a sec!
You can keep this one.
He's a pretty strong swordsman.
Come on! Just imagine it! Imagine yourself being as strong as him.
I c-can't!
Guess it's hard to do off the bat.
But once you can picture that, I bet you'll be able to change.
Imagination will become your strength.
Image 1 Stand Up, Vanguard!!
You're lucky, getting to live on your own.
But still, after you moved away all of a sudden in grade school,
I never thought you'd come back here for high school.
What brought you back?
Are you ignoring me?
It's the hottest card game around!
You're already playing Cardfight, aren't you?
You haven't heard about it?
Then I'll tell you!
It's called...
Hey, a Vanguard commercial. You still play, right?
So you're still in the habit of dodging topics to hide your embarrassment.
Kai! What's this thing?
Jerk! Give it back, Miwa!
It's been so long! Let's do a fight!
There's a shop near here with this scary yet cute clerk!
Card Capital...
Let's go in.
H-Hold on, Kai! We came all this way...
So let's check out the scary-cute girl!
That's why we're here?
Hey, there!
She usually chews me out with "Enter the store quietly."
All right!
I'll finish you off with General Seifried!
Well? Gonna do a damage check?
You're no match for me!
You did it, Morikawa!
You set a new record for consecutive wins!
Anyone else wanna try their luck with me?
The heck? Are you all cowards?
He won again, huh?
Why, Manager? Is the middle school kid really that good?
Get a shot of the champion! Yay! He has a bit of an attitude...
But out of all our regulars, you could say he's the liveliest.
Liveliest, huh...
Well, I guess this makes me the strongest fighter at Card Capital!
Izaki, Inenaga. You guys fight me.
Wait a second. Okay.
If you wanna call yourself the strongest, then you'll have to beat him.
Aren't you from Hitsue High? You any good?
Miwa, I never said anything about fighting this guy.
"This guy"?
Fine, I'll do ya a favor and fight you.
You'll do me... a "favor"?
You may be my elder, but I'm not gonna hold back.
Spare me the tedious chatter. Let's just get started.
Is your friend really going to be okay?
Just watch.
Sub Manager
I've still got a damage check!
I win, "champion."
How could I lose?!
You did it! V-V-V! Victory!
You're as strong as ever, Kai!
All right! Now Toshiki Kai's the strongest fighter at Card Capital!
Why're you gloating?!
Shut up, sore loser!
Dang it!
Thanks again.
Come back for a rematch anytime!
What are you, his manager?
That's the strongest they've got?
I just can't get into the game with opponents like that.
What's all this?
I need a real powerful card to beat that jerk Kai.
So I got an advance on my allowance and bought a whole box!
Today, we're covering the Battles of Kawanakajima! Uesugi's Army [Bishamon] 12,000
Of them all, the fourth battle, the Battle of Hachimanbara...
We're covering Kawanakajima this early? Of them all, the fourth battle, the Battle of Hachimanbara...
...is the best known for being an extraordinary life-or-death struggle.
but who led the 8,000 troops in the attack against Shinano? Warrior
Shimamura! Warrior
Shingen Takeda. Warrior
Yes! Warrior
Shingen Takeda
On the opposing side, who led the 12,000 troops that engaged the enemy? Shingen Takeda
Suzuki! Shingen Takeda
Kenshin Uesugi.
Kenshin Uesugi
What was the battle formation that Uesugi's army employed? Kenshin Uesugi
What was the battle formation that Uesugi's army employed?
The "winding wheel" formation.
Warrior Yes!
Uesugi's Army: Winding Wheel Formation Yes!
Amidst heavy fog, they engaged Shingen's main force!
Attendance Record Amidst heavy fog, they engaged Shingen's main force!
Now, what formation did Takeda's army use? Attendance Record
As always, I don't get this class. Attendance Record
Why are we using cards?
A foreigner, a Warring States Period freak, and a card game fan. He's too kooky for me.
Now, in this cutthroat Warring States Period...
Let's see...
How would you have lived?
Aichi Sendou!
Sendou, what would you have done to make your mark in that period?
I haven't heard him talk in forever!
There's limits to how quiet you can be!
What's wrong, Aichi?!
Um, uh... What's wrong, Aichi?!
Hang in there, man.
Hey, come on!
Sendou, what would you have done back then to go down in history?
Imagine it. Picture it.
I... I w-would have stayed in the back...
So I c-could run away at any time...
Talk about backward-looking!
That might be a good idea for surviving the actual Warring States Period,
but I think you could've done better for yourself today by using your imagination.
You're like the lowliest soldier!
At least picture yourself as a samurai in command!
All right, let's continue with the Battles of Kawanakajima.
Japanese History All right, let's continue with the Battles of Kawanakajima.
I blew it... Japanese History All right, let's continue with the Battles of Kawanakajima.
But with such great military leaders around, I never would've done anything of note.
Blaster Blade...
Even in the Warring States Period, you would've been...
Who are you?!
I am Blaster Blade!
I have come from the hallowed nation of United Sanctuary!
Are you some form of monster?!
Everyone, attack!
The last pack...
Great, thanks for nothing...
A lowly foot soldier, smirking to himself. So annoying...
That's a Vanguard card!
And it's Blaster Blade?!
That's a totally rare card!
Wh-What do you want, Morikawa?
Aichi Sendou...
I didn't know you were a Cardfighter.
M-Me, a Cardfighter?
Don't play dumb. You were holding a Vanguard card, right?
Yes, b-but I've never played against anyone.
I'm not a Cardfighter.
Just a lowly soldier, huh?
Anyway, show me that card.
It's true! It really is Blaster Blade!
Show me, too!
Awesome! It's my first time seeing one!
With this, I can beat him!
Wait a minute, Morikawa! Don't take that away!
Someone gave me that card! It's important to me!
Shut up!
You're not a Cardfighter, remember?
It's a shame that this card's gone unused. But now it's in good hands.
G-Give it back. That card... is mine.
You twerp! When I knock you down, stay down!
Morikawa! You twerp! When I knock you down, stay down!
You twerp! When I knock you down, stay down!
Leggo of me!
I'm gonna get revenge for yesterday.
Let's go to Card Capital.
Card Capital...
Oh man, I lost again!
Fight quietly!
You're outclassed.
What was that?!
One more time!
This time I'll show you that I'm different from when I was a kid!
Fight me!
Toshiki Kai, don't get full of yourself just because you beat me once.
Fight me one more time, for the title of Card Capital's strongest fighter!
Enter quiet--
Okay, okay. Enter quiet--
Well?! This time, I'll--
I refuse. Well?! This time, I'll--
What? Why?!
You suck at card games.
Your tactics are monotonous, and your strategy has no depth.
You rely too much on the power of the cards.
That's why I'd get nothing out of fighting you.
Wh-Whoa, you don't hold back.
You'd get nothing out of fighting me, huh?
Then, if you win, I'll give you this card!
Oh, it's Blaster Blade!
Blaster Blade?
Now you can't say you wouldn't get anything, right?
Cool! Let me see!
Blaster Blade. Where did he get that?
Huh. Blaster Blade?
Is it rare?
Why, are you interested, Misaki?
Not at all.
Me, me! I'll fight you!
If you beat me, you get to fight Kai.
Hey, Miwa!
All right, let's Cardfight!
My card!
There! I attack you with this!
Okay, damage check.
If it goes through, I win, right?
No trigger...
Yay! I win!
Well, I'm keeping this Blaster Blade.
Look what I got, Kai!
Let me see.
Hey, that's mine! Mine!
Darn it!
M-My card...
Give me back my card!
Who's he?
Please! That card means a lot to me!
Like I care!
Is this your card?
Th-That's right! That's mine!
P-Please give it back to me!
Why should I?
He fought with this card on the line, and lost.
To us Cardfighters,
the results of a fight mean everything.
It's settled. The card belongs to him now.
A card that's been taken away can only be regained through a fight.
Then, w-will you fight me?
Wh-What're you talking about?!
You've never done a Cardfight!
I've never done one before,
but I put together a deck because I wanted to have a Cardfight someday.
Say what?!
I'll fight you. Come over here.
What the heck, Kai?! That's my card!
Fine, let me borrow it.
Hey, wait!
He said this was his first Cardfight!
Why refuse to fight me, but agree to fight this beginner?!
In your last fight, were you challenging Miwa seriously?
This guy is serious in trying to get that card back.
I have no reason to refuse someone who challenges me to a serious fight.
Morikawa! Morikawa!
Thanks again.
So, let's get started.
But first...
That's my card!
Pipe down.
You need Blaster Blade to complete your deck, don't you?
You can borrow it, then.
It'd just be a handicap for me.
Th-Thank you!
Sub Manager
I'm Toshiki Kai. And you?
I-I'm Aichi Sendou.
You seem to be a beginner,
so I'll explain the rules as we play.
Now, imagine it.
That's the planet Cray.
It's the Earth-like planet where our battles take place.
Right now we're on the planet Cray in spirit form, as astral bodies.
Our bodies are weak, but we have two abilities.
The first is "Call."
Monsters inhabit this planet.
We have the ability to summon them as units.
But the monsters we can summon
are ones we have a contract with.
As in, only the ones we've gathered to complete a 50-card deck.
There can be up to four of the same card in a deck.
But I'm sure you know that, if you put a deck together.
Our second ability is "Ride."
This is the ability to possess a summoned unit with your astral body.
And once you've possessed a unit...
...it's called the Vanguard.
It means "one who leads."
As astral bodies, the first units we possess
can only be grade 0 units.
Start by choosing a grade 0 unit from your deck
and laying it face down here.
This card is your first Vanguard.
Once that card is turned over,
it becomes none other than you.
You yourself become the Vanguard,
leading the monsters you have a contract with in battle.
After shuffling your deck,
place it here and draw five cards for your hand.
At this point, you can redraw any cards in your hand. Do you need to?
Then we're ready.
Once the first Vanguard is turned over, the game begins.
Stand up, Vanguard! Stand up, The Vanguard!
Hey, Kai, what do you do for meals now that you live alone?
I cook for myself.
Wait, what?!
You're one of those guys who can cook?!
Is that bad?
Not at all!
Cook something for me too next time!
Forget it.
I know how you dodge subjects when you feel embarrassed.
I'm not dodging the subject.
Yeah, right.
Well, you can cook for me anytime!
What's one of your best dishes?
Image 2 Ride, The Vanguard!! What's one of your best dishes?
Image 2 Ride, The Vanguard!!
Beef stroganoff. Image 2 Ride, The Vanguard!!
Whoa! Image 2 Ride, The Vanguard!!
Image 2 Ride, The Vanguard!!
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[Sub][Image 1] Cardfight!! Vanguard Official Animation - Stand Up, Vanguard!!

63 Folder Collection
Tan Jy published on October 13, 2018
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