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flee because he believed in it
i joined on a dare
you joined to see if you can live up to
you spend all this time trying to be your father
naughty wondering just what it means to me you
it isn't uncommon you know
it's easy to get lost
the vastness of space
there's only your stuff
your crew
really want to head back out there huh
what the hell is this
boarding us
abandon ship
I know why you're here why we are all here
our captain will conference mercy will be the last thing on his mind
I am counting on you
fear of death is illogical
here death is what each of us alive
everyone who goes there he killed that's your friends are there
we can't just leave them behind unity . your strength
it's a leafless I think you're under estimating humanity
hold on to something
we'll do it do it
part of me likes
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Star Trek Beyond Movie Trailer 2016

137 Folder Collection
謝佩芸 published on October 12, 2018
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