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  • Hi, I'm Sian from BBC Learning English,

  • and today I'm going to share four British

  • slang words with you.

  • So these are words you should only use in

  • an informal situation.

  • The first one is 'gutted'. This is an adjective

  • and means very sad or disappointed.

  • I just failed my driving test for the fourth

  • time! I'm gutted.

  • Number two is 'knackered'. This is also an

  • adjective and means really, really tired.

  • I went to a party last night and now I'm knackered!

  • Next we have 'skint'. If someone is skint

  • they have no money or very little money.

  • I can't come out tonight, I'm skint.

  • Out fourth slang word is the opposite of

  • skint – 'loaded'. If someone is loaded, they

  • are very very rich.

  • I just won the lottery – I'm loaded!

Hi, I'm Sian from BBC Learning English,

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4 slang words: English in a Minute

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