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You cannot turn on the TV or go online or walk out
of your house without seeing at least one Kardashian.
And in fact, there's one here today.
Please welcome my friend, Khloe.
Kim Kardashian West
Kourtney Kardashian.
Kendall Jenner.
Chris Jenner.
Kylie Jenner.
And the lesser-known Kardashian sister, my name
is Karla Kardashian.
So you made a deal with E! to do the show another five years,
is that right?
For $150 million.
And my cut is what?
Like, if I'm Karla.
Well-- there's your cut.
Oh, wow.
Oh, look.
It's says "Karl" on it.
And then we just added the "a."
The "a."
Oh, I see.
I see.
What's something you're afraid of?
Uh, whales and bellybuttons.
That's not normal?
Freakiest thing ever.
You're afraid of them?
Oh, yeah.
And belly buttons?
Don't get me started.
Kim's makeup line, as you know, is very, very successful.
And I just love her so much, and I'm really wanting to--
I think you're going to need this.
Oh my God.
Uh-- ohh.
I don't even know.
It's like-- Oh.
No, come on.
Uh, cheerleader.
Yes, there you go.
I'd like to talk about Caitlyn So the first time you saw her,
I heard, was a hilarious story.
So funny.
I was super-drugged up coming home from the dentist,
and I guess I was just trying to FaceTime every family member.
So Caitlyn is FaceTiming, and she is fully now Caitlyn.
Fully Caitlyn.
And that's the first time you saw her,
when you were high on drugs from the dentist?
Maybe you were just so high, you thought you saw Caitlyn.
You must find it even hard to keep up with the Kardashians
I wake up and I need a vodka.
I'm going to have you do different exercises
and different emotions.
Sad jump roper Good.
Surprised lunge.
To think you're having a baby anytime,
and you just told us it's a girl.
Oh, yes.
I'm not supposed to tell anybody.
Kourtney is also pregnant as well.
Stop making up rumors about me.
I'm not pregnant.
I confused you with Kendall, because Kendall's pregnant.
You got to chill because I'm not pregnant.
You have to chill is what you do.
Never have I ever walked in on my mom with a guy.
Oh God, I've never.
I've heard her--
I live with her, so I heard her from downstairs,
and that's just as bad--
Oh my God!
--as [INAUDIBLE] it.
It was mortifying.
We sent Kris Jenner to the $0.99 store here in Burbank.
You know what I can do?
You know what I can do?
Finger dance.
I can finger dance.
Oh my gosh!
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The Best of Kardashian Family on The Ellen Show

140 Folder Collection
yenble.jerry published on October 8, 2018
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