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  • Whose house we're doing a Courtney Courtney's did Courtney go to Thanksgiving with you guys. Yeah, she did right?

  • You know she tried to not go why well

  • She was just like she was trying to go out of town because I don't really eat that kind of food

  • It's about eating that with your family eating right so don't eat in your diet all you want

  • These days no major major

  • We really haven't resolved anything with Courtney since the therapy session

  • We have so much more to really hash out and it just hasn't happened yet

  • So we've just all been kind of walking on eggshells around each other

  • So

  • Question, let's let's get back to the conversation. What is the deal for Christmas morning? It's still on because I know you were having

  • Doubts about Thanksgiving. No it's on. Okay. Do you want to hang out with me is the question?

  • What are you guys wearing for Christmas Eve?

  • I am wearing a long black Roberto Cavalli dress. I want to be slightly festive maybe

  • Gucci

  • Yeah, that's cute. Cuz the kids are all wearing Gucci

  • Hmm so we could all be kind of festive, glittery, printed, colourful-

  • Is Scott invited? I don't know. You don't know if Scott's invited?

  • You can't just have him come to a party for ten years as part of our family he's still part of our family

  • Scott has never done anything mean or said anything negative. So that's different. Is that actually a joke?

  • Yeah, they're they both done fucked up things in different ways

  • Yeah

  • But nobody that's coming would even know how to respond to her because of all the things that although

  • What why are we worried about anyone else? It's the night. Even if she doesn't come it's nice time she would come

  • The same way that you feel bad for Scott not being invited

  • you don't feel bad for my dad not being invited because I have a relationship with Scott so that just oh you didn't have a

  • Relationship with my dad for 25 years. I have a relationship with Scott right now. I'm with mom on this

  • She shouldn't have to invite anyone. She doesn't want to spend her time. I think at Mom's house. It's whoever she wants

  • It was Scott I can decide because it is

  • my situation

  • This is exactly why my sisters and I haven't been getting along

  • Because they just don't have my back and they don't take my feelings into consideration

  • And now I feel like the same things happening with Kendall if it's not exactly what they think. There's always

  • You know criticism and judgment and I'm not here to be criticized every day.

  • I'm so over everyone and their bitchiness.

  • oh my god.

Whose house we're doing a Courtney Courtney's did Courtney go to Thanksgiving with you guys. Yeah, she did right?

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