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- I'm Katharine Putman.
I'm an Associate Professor,
and I work in the Department of Clinical Psychology.
Well part of what led me into the field
was doing hands-on work and seeing situations
where you can apply it.
So I don't, to me it's not as motivating
the kind of learner I am to read about things
in a book or read a case study.
So what I do with my students is I take them out
into the field with me.
In my community projects,
I have some that are international and some that are local.
And I bring students with me,
with a team of psychologists.
So we just got back from the Philippines,
and I brought a team of 10 students.
We work with the International Justice Mission
and the Child Protection network in the Philippines,
and they participated in a training with us
to train mental health workers in how to work with kids
who've been rescued from trafficking.
I just wanted to have the students
have the experience of talking to people
in these situations of addressing complex problems
and realizing that they have what they need
to really make a difference.
A lot of them collect their dissertation data there.
That's an agreement we have with them.
And I've noticed that the investment in their work
changes after they have met people.
They start to really care about the participants.
They really see that their dissertation
is gonna make a difference.
And the results of them are given to the group
in the Philippines.
The results are actually used of the students' dissertations
to change our training
and make it more culturally sensitive.
And the students have been a part of it from the beginning.
So I think it just,
I can see a different motivation.
They can, I see a confidence in them.
I see a passion growing in them.
So that's part of I think the value of taking
them out in the field.
(calming music)
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Meet the Faculty: Katharine Putman, Psy.D.

20 Folder Collection
yenble.jerry published on October 8, 2018
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