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  • There is nothing as obnoxious as some jerk laying on their horn in traffic.

  • Although it's something that we all love to hate, the horn does in fact have a purpose.

  • Because before, it was madness.

  • Learn to drive.

  • Get outta here, y'all.

  • Get out of my way.

  • Oh, you dingbat.

  • In the early days of the automobile, the roads were a riot of sound.

  • Drivers could use whistles, sirens and bells to alert pedestrians and other cars what they were up to.

  • If you were driving in London, every car had to have a guy with a red flag walk in front of it.

  • Imagine being that guy.

  • Miller Reese Hutchison was an inventor who lived in New York City.

  • Disturbed by the increasing number of accidents, he sat down and invented the klaxon,

  • which was a horn with a sound so unique and distinct, it became the preferred choice for cars and their drivers.

  • The invention delighted the people of the UK so much a car race called the Emancipation Run was created to celebrate getting rid of that flag guy and replacing him with a horn.

  • It runs to this day.

  • Miller Reese Hutchison went on to many great things.

  • He worked for Thomas Edison.

  • He also invented the first practical version of the hearing aid.

  • But the car horn is perhaps his most iconic creation.

  • Love them or hate them, it changed the acoustic landscape of the world and gave you a way to give that guy who just cut you off a piece of your mind.

There is nothing as obnoxious as some jerk laying on their horn in traffic.

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Before Horns, Every Car Had a Flag Man

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    Evangeline posted on 2021/05/08
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