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Captions! They can totally change the way you see things. (Like this one).
Here's an example from a previous video I did before. This was the original KFC Logo.
Caption said: "I just realized the KFC logo looks like he has arms and legs and then ever since then I could not unsee it."
Right now not only can those captions change the way you see things they can also make things
really funny and here we have it: Brazil 2014, Neymar
four years later in Russia 2018. This is Neymar four years from now Qatar 2022.
(Laughing) HAHAHA.
I didn't make these, just saying.
As you guys can see captions will change everything, people add captions to photos and they're absolutely hilarious
Welcome to Reactions Time. Before we begin, if you don't follow me on Instagram, make sure to follow me right here.
But without further ado, let's get started!
This is Cristiano Ronaldo complaining to the ref or is he complain to his mom? (LOL do I keep commenting?)
You guys know whenever you complaining to your mom. This is exactly the way it looks. BUT MOOOOOM!
Please I just want to watch TV for five more minutes!
Priceless captions. Here's a photo of a cat. I know what it's doing. (Oh Ok.)
Don't ask me, I have cats but I've never seen a cat do this. Anyways, someone captions. Um, sir, your cat is leaking
Yeah, it looks like it is leaking. The head is about to fall out. A side note right here
If it seems like my throat is a bit sore, it is. It's very sore not meant to be inappropriate by the way.
Just saying. There's a clip from the Terminator of the woman getting scorched by thermonuclear
(Ummm.. What am I seeing?)
You know guys terminator, that's what it was all about extinction of man kin — blah blah. But! Someone captions:
Mmm-hmm when you get into a car that's been parked into the Sun XD
Relatable, not only that if you don't put the sun deflector.
When you get into a car that's been parked in the Sun without the Sun deflector and you test the seat belts the metal part of
the seat belt and it burns your fingertips. OU!
Then it might feel like this. So someone has told me this guy, this soccer player right here, Jedrez... Jedrez...
Jedreseh, *Tal failing at pronouncing* I don't know, WTF. XD Anyways Umm-Hmm
The caption says could someone please explain to me. Where the hell did he get my Wi-Fi password?
That was classic, classic! My Wi-Fi passwords like that except it has more like numbers and... Oh God, they're on to us
*He twitches at a picture*
This is a cat eating a piece of lettuce and you know cats they mainly like to eat meat or fish
You know stuff like that well uh.
Caption is said when your girlfriend is on a healthy diet and you have to eat what she cooks. Oh, I understand
I remember when I was a chubby little kid. My mom made me go on a diet. All I ate was soup.
Do you guys know that soup is not even that healthy chicken soup has chicken fat, Dammit! No wonder it never worked.
I was tortured as a kid. I want to challenge you guys in the comments caption this, before I reveal what the caption is.
Yeah, like five seconds guys come on.
Caption now. Caption says dude. This guy's screwed and he doesn't even know yet.
OH... !
Yo, yo, bro, Jennifer just texted me HA!
This woman who looks like a librarian you guys would not believe the caption here we go.
Imma read it. Teachers on vacation be like: So relaxing
I Hate all those kids dumbasses. Guys low-key. That's exactly what teachers would probably think during summer.
They're like, yes, I finally done teaching those dimwits. I know my teachers hated me. I mean, I could never tell why.
Oh my gosh...
My girlfriend before and after having dinner.
This is like my girlfriend during and after her period. No, NOOOOOOOO!!
This one is one of my favorites here we go.
Pangolines always look like they have bad news to share with their leader. They would sound like this. Uh, "I'm sorry, sir
If I may speak the prisoners they're...Oh, well, they escaped."
Dude, to be honest, sometimes I think that my dog is more human than I am. That is so weird. You really feel that?
I totally feel human. And finally we got a cat the fluffiest cat of all cats to ever live says
All right. Now I want you to take a picture like I'm a cloud.
And guys there you have it, Those are captions that changed everything.
You can basically caption any photo and make it super funny. If you want to send it to my Twitter, its gonna be right there.
I would love to see what you guys can come up with also
don't forget get your own merch
exclusive timeless merch BAM, BAM! Comes pink, black, shirt, hoodies, and hats
Only at timeless brand .com go there or you just click the link in the description. That's gonna wrap it up
Thank you all for watching. Love you. See you tomorrow.
And peace out!
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Hilarious Captions That Change Everything

3388 Folder Collection
Emily published on November 8, 2018    Emily translated    Evangeline reviewed
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