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Rob: Welcome to The English We Speak.
I'm Rob and I'm live here with the hero of
the day, Feifei.
Feifei: Thanks Rob. Hello everyone.
Rob: Now, let's talk about that fantastic
BBC Learning English FC were two goals
down, and then you came along and
scored three times in the last ten
minutes. How do you feel?
Feifei: Well, it was really all down to the
I was just the right person in the right
place today.
Rob: A very modest answer, but the crowd
are going wild about you. Just listen…
It's fair to say Feifei, you played a blinder!
Feifei: Just doing my job. Though, as a
proud BBC Learning English FC player,
there is one thing I would like to say to the
Rob: Of course, go ahead.
Feifei: I'd like to explain that phrase you
used - 'to play a blinder'. 'To play a blinder'
is a phrase used to describe an amazing
display of skill, usually in sports, but also
in other areas in life.
Rob: Yes, not only did you play a blinder in
the football game today, Feifei, you
played a blinder with that definition!
Listen to the crowd…
Feifei: I'd like to add a little more, Rob.
Why do we use the word 'blinder'?
Well, imagine you're watching a dazzling
performance – something so good it
seems to shine brightly. The idea
is that it's so shiny, so dazzling, it could
cause someone watching to go blind.
Rob: Like looking at the sun. Thankfully,
it's just an expression. If you're watching
or listening to this show, we're sure your
eyesight won't be affected! Let's have
some more examples.
Theresa played a blinder today in the final.
What a simply amazing performance on
the tennis court.
Did you see Mexico beating Germany in
the World Cup? Mexican forward
Hirving Lozano played an absolute
Darren, what an awesome presentation!
You played a blinder. I'm pretty sure we've
just won some new clients.
Rob: You are listening to the English We
Speak from BBC Learning English. Please
notice that in the last example, we weren't
talking about sport. You can also play a
blinder in a work or business context, or
anything that involves skill and
Feifei: Well, Rob, I think we've both played
a blinder today.
Rob: Thank you, thank you. Which
reminds me…
Hang on a second…
let's bring back the cheering crowd!
Feifei: I love it. Wouldn't it be great if we
could have people cheering us just like
that in real life?
Rob: And wouldn't it be fantastic if, in real
life, you were actually good at football!
Feifei: Hey, come on! We both know
I played a blinder – at least in the
Rob: OK.
Both: Bye.
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To play a blinder: The English We Speak

48 Folder Collection
姚而 published on October 6, 2018
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